My 89 BatMobile


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I've taken it upon myself to start this HUGE 89 project and that starts with the ugly job of 6 layers of 2 oz. matt in the mold to get the body thickness just over 1/4"...any thicker and I'd need a crane to move the thing around.
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In between 'glassing up the new shell I took to 'adjusting ' my home built frame jig for my new tube chassis. IFS this time around matched to 4" box tube main rails back to a 4 link rear should suffice for the 141" wheelbase.
The 89 like the 66 Batmobile has a massive amount of smaller details that are key to building a genuine tribute to this very cool car. These are my Bat Spinners and hubs.
Thanx! I'm a stickler for detail with fabrication like most everyone else on I embossed the V patterns on the rear turbine as per original...
My 89's have the only OEM correct fat rear quarters. At just under 96" out back it makes for one FATBAT...but still possible to load on your standard car trailer by using blocks. Now if I could only find a car cover for this one..
We have had a Tumbler and '66 build ups here and your is by far the best '89 build! :thumbsup Kudos! Would love to see this in person some day!
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