My $50 Doctor Doom costume


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I made this for Halloween, the only money I spent was on the fabric to make the tunic and cape. I made the mask using the pepakura method then fiberglassing it. Everything else was from other costumes. The gauntlets, gloves and leg pieces are from my Jango Fett. I would have made full armor but I didn't have time.








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Nice !!! A few upholstery nails into the mask instead of rivets, around the eyes, eyebrows, moutharea etc. would probably make it look even better, since the surface texture of the pep looks really interesting metallic-y!


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Ah yes, I forgot all about the rivets that are supposed to be in the mask.

For the texture, I brushed casting resin onto the mask, as it cured it bubbled up and did some interesting things. The way it came out was purely accidental.
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