My 4 year old daughter is now a Ghostbuster!

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    My wife had set a rule for me along the lines of "Don't dress the girls up as Ghostbusters until they ask to one..." which I thought was totally healthy and fair. Come around two last month and my eldest said to me "Daddy? Can I be a Ghostbuster for Halloween?" GAME ON! I had been talking to a fellow buster here in Seattle and a member of The Emerald City Ghostbusters (like us on facebook!) (shamless plug...) and he mentioned that he had a Kenner pack hanging around that he was not using that had a thrower. After some haggling and part trading I came away with this -


    I asked her what she would like her Proton Pack to look like and she said "PURPLE! WITH SPARKLES!"

    "Of course you do... "

    So here is the journey to make a purple kid sized gb costume.

    I got some large washers from Home Depot and cut some eyes and a access panel in the back -



    Painted it first silver and taped off what i wanted to stay silver. Then went the BARNEY purple and sparkles -





    A pink plastic box from Dollar tree for lenses -



    Same deal for the thrower -



    That got me this -


    Next up a frame and a $3 backpack from Walmart -




    Then I did some lights from a set of LED christmas lights I got from Walgreens after the first of the year for a $1




    I managed to keep the original noise making mech so she can use that still. Inside the pack I grouped four sets of three LED's for each window. I didn't take a picture of that.. I don't know why... The very last LED I placed in a dollar Tree flashlight lens and attached that into the barrel.


    Here is how the lights look -

    Then I placed a panel in the back so she can play with it without me worrying that she will get into the wiring.



    Finding a flightsuit for a 4 year old is next to impossible and if you DO, it's never cheap. I started looking at school uniform dresses and found this for $20 on Amazon with free Prime shipping. I added a $5 work belt that I then cut down and sewed onto the dress. (Since my kid is shaped like a drinking straw. And I could see her telling me to "Hold this please..." in the first five minutes. I also sewed in the $1.50 key fobs. My plan for washing the dress is to remove the clips and turn it inside out. My buddy Lex San of the Pacific Northwest Ghostbusters made me some hot pink patches and a black long sleeved shirt rounded out the look. (I was vetoed by my wife on kids sized combat boots.. Harumph.)


    My Mom also wanted to help so I digitized the Nuke Love symbol from the new Ghostbuster 3 movie and sent that to her and she made me this for the uniforms right arm -


    I have not gotten that from her yet but I did manage to get her suited up so I could take a look. Check it out!


    So, this year.. My kid gets to suit up with me! YAY!

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    That's awesome good job dad. She's super cute. Watch out ghosts.
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    good job man!!!
    i bet when she gets older she'll look back and say "that's was my favorite halloween costume!"
    my sister who is 33 now always loves to tell the story of her favorite costume when she was 6 years old......she dressed as BATMAN!
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    Oh my gosh how cute is she!! You have done a great job!
    Have a great Halloween(y)thumbsup

    ~I Athena I
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    That is so awesome!! She is so lucky to have a Dad to make her stuff like that.
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    the Dad're doing it right man!
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    Thanks guys! After Halloween I'll post some of her out and about. :)
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    So adorable! Wonderful job all the way around bro!
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    Fantastic work, I always loved my Kenner pack when I was her age. She's cute as a button.
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    nice work ^^
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    That's really cute. I love projects involving dads and kids.
    You have made a really great job on this "princess" proton pack!
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    I need to find a second one for my youngest. But they are not cheap!
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    Adorable – you are an awesome dad!

    Alternatively, you could scratch-build a mini-pack out of Tupperware and / or plastic boxes.
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    YES! I did these for a friends kids.


    I do think the Kenner is a more kid friendly technique though. These two packs have had to have some repairs over the last year.
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  15. George

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    Great project and initiative :thumbsup she might be inspired to get creative herself in a later stage thanks to you.
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    I showed this to my girlfriend she thought it was radical also. Wicked job
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    That's adorable! :cool
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    The Kenner pack is one of the greatest tie in mass market toys I think I've ever seen, TBH.
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    Please adopt me
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    I'll have to check with my wife...
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    That is too cool!!
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    I love it and can't wait to see pictures from Halloween.
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    She's a real cutie! Good work dad!
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    very nice :love:thumbsup

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