My 3D printed replica of Weta's Dr. Grordbort's Pomson 6000 raygun


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My first project that I thought might be worthy of a RPF thread. Technology finally caught up with my desire to possess my own Pomson 6000 subatomic wave gun. I recently got my hands on an Elegoo Saturn 2 and a few bottles of resin. Other than a 1/2" dowel running the length of it for structure, it's all resin. Mostly 1.5 mm walled hollow with 10% structural infill via Chitubox.

Based on the initial advertisement photos and some pics of people holding it at a convention, I pieced this together in ZBrush. It's not structurally sound enough to be a usable prop for cosplay but it will stay up on the wall well enough.

It's not an exact replica, but close enough for me. Some of the bits are a the wrong size or missing altogether. It has an overall length of 3'. I think the parts occupied 8 full build plates plus a few smaller bits on my Mars 3.
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