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Great work on your proton pack, I've gone through the whole thread and well done, I grew up with the Ghostbusters movies, as did a lot of people, a comedy with plenty of heart. I made a proton pack years ago, also scratch built, from anything I could find at the time.

Today, with 3D printers getting better, (and cheaper), perhaps it is time to make my own. Keep up with your great work, and I can't wait to see the final result.
Leaps and bounds ladies and gents, leaps and bounds! So multiple updates here, but to summarize:
I've been sitting on some .25" brass rod for a while now, and finally got it cut to fit the ion arm:
I printed some decals, which can be found at the bottom of here: Pack and Slime Blower Decals - Page 9 - and applied them, and goodness gracious great balls of fire this looks like a pack now!
IMG_20220504_213244856[1].jpg IMG_20220504_222508001[1].jpg
I also dragged out some scrap acrylic sheet and cut out the power cell and cyclotron lenses and simply colored them in with sharpie. (Not to mention screwed in the booster frame) Last but not least I also printed the wand body, and I'm quite happy with my model:
IMG_20220505_203306317[1].jpg IMG_20220505_203318094[1].jpg IMG_20220505_205513844[1].jpg
All in all, some insanely good productivity, and I couldn't be happier. Way ahead of deadline and I'm almost ready to mount the pack on the frame, this is quite possibly the project I'm most proud of! With the way things are going, the next build update might even be the last but we'll have to see-


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