My 2012 Prop Replica Acquisitions! (Pics to be added soon!)

Jack T Chance

Sr Member
Starting this thread up now, because I'm anticipating adding a lot of pics and info in the near future.

My 2012 is already off to a good start for adding prop replicas to my collection. While these technically arrived at my house during the final week of 2011, that's close enough for me! :)

So far, in the new year, I have added to my collection...
  1. A light-up Green Lantern power ring, "inspired by" the ring in the live-action movie, and made by the RPF's own Batjeepster/Customized Hero. :)
  2. Hasbro's Force FX Kit Fisto Lightsaber with Removable Blade! :)
As it's only January 9th, there will be more to come. Besides pictures of the 2 items above, I'm also anticipating at least one more major prop replica purchase this year, perhaps more if certain threads in the Junkyard pay off! :love

Updates to come.... soonish. ;)

Jack T Chance

Sr Member
Update # 1... I've bought a few more rings from Batjeepster/Customized Hero, AND... I've finally tracked down my "Holy Grail" of replica props... I've finally managed to get my hands on a STAR TREK III PHASER THAT WAS MADE BY RICHARD A. COYLE! :love

Pics of my recent acquisitions coming later on in the week! :cool
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