My 2-1B Droid head has been recast - WILCO MODELS, DAN JOPLIN


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Hi gang,

i have been contacted by a fellow board member informing me that my 2-1b head has been recast by a guy in Texas.
this guy-- Dan Joplin aka wilco models aka joplinfx.

all info has been supplied by the board member

apparently had a few for sale at a local show or something.
on questioning the origins of the kit by the board member he said "these are the ones we make"
i have never given anyone permission to copy it.
from the looks on it it appears to be a ver.1 head which had the side spikes molded on.

that neck though :lol

if you feel or know any of the info is incorrect please let me know.
or do you have any additional info such as is he a member here?




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Oh yeah. These clowns are well known re-casters, and lie about it to your face. They set up at cheap cons, mass produce anything they can get their hands on, do substandard work and are actually a bit rude. Most con goers that are not prop builders buy their stuff because they sell their products CHEAP. I have been a dealer at at least six shows where they are dealers as well and they always sell out of their items.


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Wasn't Wilco models run by Alex Wakal or did he cooperate with them!?

He was friends and used to work with them but eventually distanced himself from them, if I remember, not because of re-casting but because they were horrible when it came to shipping. Sometimes they would forget to ship your item and ignore your e-mails and sometimes they would send you your product with missing pieces and sometimes they would send you the wrong item all together. When people started complaining, that's when Alex started distancing himself.
I'm pretty sure Alex wouldn't want anything to do with them after they started re-casting.


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I've seen these guys around for years. I've always seen them selling crappy resin props but it was always just Star Trek phasers and stupid stuff like the bug from The Mummy. Looks like they've upped their game into direct recasting of other member's hard work.


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Gone but not forgotten.
are they members here?

- - - Updated - - -

i doubt they would care to be honest

Yup, ZORG nailed it. Most Con's these days don't give a DAMN about recasting as all they want is
people paying them for table space.. Hell another group WELL KNOWN to Board members is
COOL MODELS. Been recasting for YEARS and their at WONDERFEST and DRAGONCON
every year.... :thumbsdown


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Ah that's too bad, I know from personal experience how hard it is to get space at some of these conventions so I guess I figured they would have higher standards.


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oh dang! I'd say it's in our back yard, but Texas is pretty dang big. Still... that's awful... and yeah... that neck!


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I know from buying from you directly both the quality of your work and your outstanding business practices.

Recasting sucks any way one looks at it. Exponentially so when it happens to someone of quality.

Wherever this goes, I wish all the good guys here the best.

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