My 1st Thread - BSG Rank Pins I made


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So I’ve been hanging around the site for a while – just recently as a member and as a lurker for even longer. I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the talent and creativity of the members here and thought I would show off some of my own creations.

Clearly I am more of a designer than a builder but here are a few of the replica BSG rank pins I made a few years ago. They were available for purchase on the ASAP boards for a while but unfortunately they have long been sold out.

I have a few other replica props and costumes which I will try to photograph and upload at a later date but 90% of my collection is toys, comic statues, and superhero related art most of which is still in storage.

I’ve been thinking of what I can do to contribute to the community here and while I’ve had a few thoughts, I still need to wait until my “New Member” waiting period is over before I can take action. So until then – enjoy!




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