My 1000th post, with a bang - I ASSEMBLED THE AVENGERS!

Discussion in 'Marvel Costumes and Props' started by Hermes, Apr 25, 2012.

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    I kid you not, guys. The Avant-premiere of the movie was tonight, some 10 hours ago (it´s 5:35 AM and I still did NOT sleep, so NICE it was).

    However, I didn´t sleep only due to the movie, which would be a reason onto itself, as you definitely will see, but instead, I promised that I would take all of the Avengers to the movie, and I DELIVERED on that promise!

    These are the few pictures I have of this adventure now, but they are proof that one CAN do what one wants. I will definitely give info on how I made ALL of those, in their own threads, even if they aren´t WIP threads, such as the Hawkeye, Iron Man, Captain America and Thor, for I have to make a Show-Off thread to showcase Black Widow, which was made from bare fabric to full suit in less than two days.

    Sure, some things had to be sacrificed, but the result is to be seen now :) There was one thing that wasn´t to my liking, and that´d be Thor´s cape and wiglessness, but the cape´s base was left home, I hadn´t glued it under the cape, and therefore in the rush, I forgot about it. Not to be forgotten again. As for the wig, it was sweltering hot in there and I thought that it wouldn´t be too big a deal, so the wig stayed on the car.

    Without any more ado, the proof of my absurd claims -




    Editing to have two more picture squeezed in.... This is me with the rest of the folks :)



    Again, ONE THOUSAND posts!


    Seriously, I AM proud to have done it!
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  2. EyeofSauron

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    you dont have a hulk...


    great work, man. even tho i wouldve put a wig on thor ;)
  3. MrAdamJay

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    AMAZING work as usual ! Very proud of the work and passion you put into your work Hermes !!!
  4. Kevin Gossett

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    Seriously great work... Awesome job!
  5. peterparker

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    Avengers assembled!
  6. Alareth

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    They have a Dr. Banner, I suppose that counts :)
  7. ben reilly

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    woo hoo! thats a great looking Avengers team! good job on the costumes
  8. tkRyno

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    That is so inspiring. Great job, the Avengers look great!
  9. cavedwellar

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    I applaud you Hermes, you have accomplished so much here.:thumbsup
  10. guyver3869

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    Great inspiration to us noobs. Thank you for your work and contributions.
  11. Crusaderman2004

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    That is really dang impressive man. Well done!
  12. DarthFett

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    Great costumes! Very well done.
  13. kalavera

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    Costumes look great. Awesome job!

    TAZNITBR Active Member

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    Mandou bem pra variar Hermes!
    Awesome work Bro!!!
  15. littledragon88

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    Nice work there!
  16. whisper kill

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    Freaking wicked!

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