Mutara Nebula DeBoers E and R Build


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Still working on the R, but real life sometimes takes away model time. I have the sides cleaned up, working on the aft portion of the main hull and getting closer to shooting paint on the roll bar.




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Uggg, just realized I screwed up the RCS thruster painting on the main hull, so get to go fix that, they did look odd.
Oh my, that doesn’t look fun. How on earth do you fix an issue like this without causing more problems? I’m so impressed with your build, I completely missed the overpainted RCS thrusters.

Sorry for your trouble, but I’m looking forward to seeing the repair.


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Update #112

For the repair, I taped off the area and sanded as much of the yellow and red off. White has a hard time covering so I removed the paint first. The painted white, then some Blue/Brown/2xGreys, then light white, then the sensor bands back in. They came out pretty good. I do have some yellow to touch up but will do that with a brush and some 1200 grit sandpaper to smooth it back out.

Took some vacation from work to work on the model, and around the house. The good news is that I am done with the airbrush, I think. This is what I have left, on the model:

- Touch up with a brush – there are a few areas that will need to be built up and sanded smooth, but that is ok.
- Decals – I ordered another sheet from DeBoers. I had messed up 2 of them, so might as well redo them with brand new decals.
- Need to make the impulse engine covers, paint them and glue them on. The issue is my resin printer motherboard generates an error on the z-axis, so she won't work. The new motherboard is in the mail.

For the base, still working on getting the plexiglass here for the base. I have the new PCBs to do the light control, will build 1, test it, then build the other 20ish or so. :( Will make sense when you see it. I need the board to have an active low control signal on all of the LEDs. I don’t want nor need all LEDs in the ship to be super bright, I want most to be dimmish. Dimmer LEDs last a lot longer when you don't crank up the voltage. I am also finishing up the base sides. I am happy with the gloss finish, not perfect, but tired of spending hours, so almost perfect is it. Write code, solder, test, write more code, more soldering and switch install! Getting close!! I thought maybe the summer of 23, might be a lot sooner. Then I will work on a few plastic models before finishing up the Enterprise. I don't think I will ever do another resin model again after the Enterprise!








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