Musketeer Costume (Man in Iron Mask Version)


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Two Ohio Ren fair's ago (of course my children and I dressed up) in one of the shops they were selling an adult three musketeer costume. The embroidery work was BEAUTIFUL!!! It was blue velvet. And that got me thinking and inspired. I like the musketeers from Man in the Iron Mask. I started working on this in February of this year (2011). Then I busy at my new job. Halloween started coming closer and my son wanted to be captain hook so I had to change gears and make my sons Captain Hook, my daughters Tinkerbell and my peter pan. So Halloween is over and I'm back to unfinished projects. My sons Captain Hook boots can double as Musketeer boots. I have to start preparing for Ohio renfest 2012. I cut out a few pieces and digitized the cross design for the front embroidered cross. I haven't begun to sew a thing yet. SO this is my first attempt to create a more detailed thread. That could also be like a tutorial. So wish me luck and here are some pictures of what I want it to look like!
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