Museum Replicas Licensed Forbidden Planet Blaster coming

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by phase pistol, Aug 7, 2015.

  1. phase pistol

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  2. 13doctorwho

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    Not only is it cool, but it really cheap compared to other props...
  3. kev1969

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    That looks great! one of my favourite SciFi films :) great price, il get one of these for sure, thanks for the heads up :thumbsup
  4. Apollo

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    It's Museum replicas enuff said! :unsure
  5. Krel

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    The trigger is wrong. Also it is C-57-D, not C-57D. It is C-57-D in the script. It is C-57-D in the novel. Yeah, I'm one of those. :lol

  6. Rylo

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    Not a fan of that trigger, but the price is right for an otherwise ugly prop.

    Yep, I said it!

    I know some people really like that thing, but it's never moved my needle much...

    Even as a kid, I always thought, hair dryer.

    Meh, to each his own.
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  7. MrSinistar

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    With the exception of the trigger button, that's very nice! I would love to pick one up :D
  8. Jediwannabe

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    Just learning about this. I'm getting one. I've always wanted one.
  9. vidman

    vidman Well-Known Member

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    nice find , thanks for sharing, only thing I see as hmmmmm maybe I
    l'l get this is , it has no sound advertised and well I'm a stickler for lights and sound....

    If it is screwed together I can put sound into it,,, maybe :p
  10. rad1701

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    Just got my blaster guys. For the price, I don't think it's too bad but there are a few issues. The build quality is a bit mixed and rough. The trigger does not sit real well and paint app could definitely be better. It lights up nicely, uses two AAA batteries and it has a magnetic back plate that makes access pretty easy - plus it has a little stand too. No sound, but a small sound chip or board might be able to be fit inside (there is a little extra room). Overall for a prop I've always wanted it's not too bad for the money. But, it could use a little TLC, paint touch up on the silver trim areas and a sound chip too.

    rdfp1.jpg rdfp2.jpg fp11_2015-11-26 10.33.31.jpg fp12_2015-11-26 10.33.31.jpg fp13_2015-11-26 10.33.31.jpg fp14_2015-11-26 10.33.31.jpg fp15_2015-11-26 10.38.01.jpg
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