Museum Replica's Captain America Shield


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So there I was...down in Atlanta on business (2 week training stint) and I swing by the "Mall of Georgia" to maintain the warranty on the wife's ring (jeweler doesn't exist north of New Jersey anymore let alone New Hampshire) and as I am walking up to the mall I see, to my shock, a Museum Replica retail store. Now I have been to their warehouse outlet in Covington before but this threw me for a loop.

I had to investigate. And there it was...a Marvel Comics authorized Captain America replica shield.

A round one and an old-school one too.

Since I am traveling I ask if they carry this in their catalog or online and I am told that this is an in-store item only.

As a frequent catalog receiver and online browser I can admit to never having seen it before.

So a couple days later I talk the wife in to letting me get one (they only had 2 in stock of the round ones) and it would be my father's day present.

So I get in and purchase the last one they had.

Has anyone else seen it before? I am supplying a picture I had taken while I was in the store. Well, I tried to attach the picture...I will try later.


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The licensed Cap shields have been sold out for quite awhile and are increasingly hard to find.

You scored big time! :cheers


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I'm just peeved that i completely let it slip by me that this store had opened. my family lives 10 miles north of that mall and I feel like I completely wasted father's day by dragging pops to Hobbytown...if only I'd known, I might currently be hurling a red white and blue shield around my house and breaking all my windows.
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