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    I'm very close to trying the muscle suit route. I've been doing latex and urethan batsuits for almost 10 years but have been introduced to the Flex Design suit as well as the Blue Whale suit. So what I'm asking is.... would you guys that have used a muscle suit share a few pics of your suit??? I've seen costumes where the muscle suit itself is THE suit, painted and ready to wear. I've also seen where the muscle suit is worn underneath a subdye lyrcra suit. Just curious to see the different takes.
    Thanks guys!
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    I used a Lean Muscle suit from Flex Designs when I hastily put together a Vindicare Assassin costume for Dragoncon. The muscle suit is underneath a zentai suit so the seamlines are hidden. It's hard to see the individual muscles in the pic but the suit definitely got me closer to the character I was trying to portray.

    Overall a worthwile investment as I can use the suit for many more costumes in the future. Also dealing with Flex Designs was very pleasant.
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    Thanks for sharing. The only pic I can find of someone using the suit as THE suit is this one off their website. I think this might be it.

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