Mummy Scarab Sculpt (First Post)


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Hey whats going on guys? I have been lurking on the RPF for a LONG time now and decided it was about time that I get into the action and start posting some of my own work. My names Shawn, and this is my scarab sculpt from the movie the mummy. Lemme know what you think so far!
Sculpt is done. took some pictures before baking it. please let me know what you think. There is also a picture of me holding it as size reference. I'll be making a mold and casting a few for a wall display I'm doing.
Well I made my mold, and casted my first in resin... I was using older resin and It really didn't turn out to great. After a good 6 hours sitting it still wasn't completely cured. I ordered new resin and some more casting silicone, so as soon as that all gets here, I'll give it another shot.

(just to save time, yes I made sure it was completely mixed, It's just the resin was almost 2 years old :lol)
That's very nice, you've done some good work there. :thumbsup

Should you decide to offer these please count me as interested in one unpainted as I like to finish things off myself.
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