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I was wondering what the rules are about multiple threads in the Junkyard? For example, if you are selling 5 items, can you start 5 separate threads or do you have to stick with one?
Logic says that it should be one as it could quite easily mean that one or two monopolise the section but I thought I would check if there are rules about this as I couldn't find any?
Hello Cave_Troll,

thanks for asking that question.

The right thing to do is to have one thread if you want to start selling multiple items at the same time.
What is seen as highly annoying and impolite is to bump multiple threads if you already have more than two or three sales threads.

Make sure the thread titles are informative, then you should be fine with one thread.

RPF staff
Thanks for that. I assumed that to be the case. Just looking in the Junkyard now there are 6 threads by the same seller.
As you mentioned, that is a little annoying.
Thanks for your time.
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