Mulan (Pre-release)


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I think this looks magnificent.
I always felt the core of the 1998 animated film was diluted by the obligatory Disney tropes, like the animal sidekicks and musical numbers. Thank goodness there's no CGI cringe-Mushu. And they don't need to dwell too long on social commentary about breaking gender stereotypes. I just want this film to be about the strength of her character and will and about her love and devotion to her family.
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Tan Djarka

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A while go I saw a live action version of Mulan at Walmart. It was a Chinese production, not Disney. Did anyone see that?


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WOW ! Looking like a pretty faithful adaptation of the animated film without CGI characters ( at least going by that trailer ), and it’ll be cool to see when released ..., but where’s ‘granny’ !?


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If Disney wants to appeal to the Chinese audience they will understand that Mulan isn’t motivated by self-interest (e.g. trying to prove her worth) but by devotion to her family.


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Good to see Rosalind Chao.
Haha the moment I heard her voice I was like, omg that's kaiko :D

Yeah I was the same... I'm not a fan of these remakes. But genuinely that teaser impressed me... Looked more like a straight up movie than a Disney film...

I'll be keeping an eye on this

Psab keel

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I was never a fan of the animated film. I enjoy the Disney animated films, but Mulan never grabbed me. Though I have to admit that this trailer looks promising. I would see it. It looks worlds better than the live action Aladdin remake.