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Muffy the Daggit from Battlestar Galactica


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Back in March a screen used Daggit appeared on eBay. It wasn't very far from me, and with question of mostly is it real or not I asked if I could take a look at the Daggit. (The Daggit was a robotic dog from the 1978 Battlestar Galactica series.) The owner agreed to let me see the Daggit. We met at a Starbucks near his place on a rainy day. It wasn't the best of conditions to do this, but that what it was. The over all condition besides a few things missing most notable was the ears, and eyes the condition wasn't really bad for a 33 year old prop. Lucky the guy kept the Daggit stored in a couple of large trash bags in the closet. Better than storing it outside or something else like that. Well this husband and wife owner of the Daggit were chimp trainers. (A chimp wore this suit) None of their chimps ever wore the suit, and it was given to them in trade by an other chimp owner some 27 years ago to settle a debt.

Well we exchanged phone numbers, and he asked if he had any questions if he could call. Well to say the least my phone rang a lot, and I didn't mind answering the question, and over the next 4-5 days offers to buy the Daggit out right were made my a handful of people that wanted to buy this guy, but I don't think but only 1 bid was placed. The owner decided to pull the Daggit, and wanted to figure the right way to approach this. Long story shorter I explained a few different ways to go, and also what the offers you received by certain company were going to do. I explain the pros, and cons about eBay, and auction houses, and prop company offers. I made an offer the get the right people together locally to repair, and restore Muffy. The choice was made by the owner after giving my opinions. He decided to have the Daggit restored, and to go to a prop house auction to be sold. Over the next 8-10 weeks we researched, and studied every avenue we could to find the materials needed to restore Muffy back to his glory days, and then we told the owner we were ready. We showed the couple everything we had, and showed them what we were going to do. They were impressed. We gathered up the Daggit, and the few extra pieces of fur they had and went to work. One week later after about 50-60 hours work between the two of us that worked on this guy we now have a restored Muffet 2.
A short run down on some of the things we did.
Built ears, with a vintage servo.
1:1 eye spheres dyed to match.
60 feet of wire piping trim.
30%-40% foam replacement in the skull. (missing or broken down)
Color match touch up.
Link to a short video just as the finishing touches were being applied to Muffy.
YouTube - ‪Muffy the Daggit restored‬‏

A few minor things need to be done still, but for visible stuff is completed. The Daggit will be listed in the Battlestar Galactica Saturday August 6th auction.
The most notable item to complete is finding a matching vintage RC radio to have this guy working again. The ears, and mouth are the only moving parts to a Daggit besides the chimp inside.
If you research Daggit photos you can tell this is an original fur compared to the SciFi Museum Daggit that has Galactica 1980 fur. This guy remains true to form with the original 1978 fur style, and was most likely used for still shots since on a bendable armature wire, and foam mannequin.
Thanks for looking.


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You did a nice job on him.

I would assume this is one of the "stunt" suits and man is it in AWESOME shape!


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Yes this unit was a back ground piece. Lack only 2 details missing that I can tell, and I think one was just an oversight more than on purpose. Also used as for still shots.


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One of my most fav chars from BG.
Still have my figure from when I was a kid.
Actually made my mom buy me 2 because of what happened in the show =(

Amazing work man!

So now that Muffy is restored,
What do the owners plan to do with him?


Really nice restoration work. Even though the Daggit seemed at odds with the more serious nature of the show at times, I loved seeing it every time it appeared on screen.


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Man, I wish I had the spare cash. i love Muffit and would totally love that prop sitting in my living room!

That ebay auction pics makes Muffit look like a cat instead of dog.

Angelight J

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Great work GoldCylon1! One of my favorite characters in the show- never knew there was a chimp inside-makes sense! Thank you for sharing the great story and photos! Met at Starbucks- LOL!
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