MTG Ashiok headpiece help?


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Hello! I’m planning on cosplaying Ashiok from Magic The Gathering. I’ve already gone about making the costume itself, but am a little stuck on what to do about the headpiece. I think I have too many ideas floating around in my head, lol. The idea is to have it come down over my eyes like in the photo, but still be able to see through it without others being able to see my eyes through it. Any advice? Thanks in advance! (PS- last photo is a sketch of my concept for the cosplay!)


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The simple solution would be to have a black mesh, like you see in some Halloween costumes, over the eyes and then build over that. You, usually, can't see a person's face and eyes through the mesh but if you can, you could either add another layer of mesh of a tinted visor underneath.


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If vacuformed out of clear PetG then dyed black, you'd have a piece that is one-way.