Mrblueberry's 2015 Jun-Jul Sculpture Contest Entry

Discussion in 'Sculpture and Makeup Effects' started by mrblueberry, Jun 29, 2015.

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    I'm Amir 25 from Australia. I discovered sculpting about 3-4 weeks ago, I just picked up a piece of plasticine and realized I can sculpt.
    I have a background in drawing for 6 years.

    And I'm gonna be sculpting an organic Iron-man which I found a picture of online. Ill have to add arms and legs to it so, ill need my own original design for that.
    also Ill be using super sculpy, only cause I wanna bake the design and put it in a gallery in a few month, or else I much prefer sculpting with Chavant medium.

    I'm always happy to hear tips and advice, I'm new to this so please share your knowledge.


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    Looks like Carnage/Iron Man. Awesome
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