MR Stormtrooper Blaster disassembly


I have a MR E-11 with some loose parts, mainly where the magwell meets the tube and am looking for some disassembly pictures or instructions.

There was a thread on here years ago where someone totally disassembled their MR E-11 but much of it was irreversible as many parts are welded/riveted/glued in place and therefore damaged when taken apart.
I had gotten this far with mine awhile back before I chickened out...

Hi there!

I made a thread about this quite a while ago. See here:

Unfortunately, most pics are missing. Will have to see where I stored them.

Also, when I was modifying my MR E-11, I just could not get the front endcap out, so I actually had to deviate from my own tutorial. What I did was the following (if I remember correctly): Once the grip and trigger assembly is removed, you can unscrew a tiny screw beneath the grip frame. Once unscrewed, the silver "bolt" inside the gun will become loose. Tilt the gun so that the bolt is all the way back, touching the rear endcap of the E-11. Then, I inserted a steel rod through the barrel in the front of the gun and with a hammer tapped carefully (but somewhat forceful) on the steel rod. That made the endcap come off the gun and you can then remove all the internal pieces. If you then want to remove the front endcap, you'll pretty much have to do the same thing and use a hammer to get it out.

I think Threadwell modded his E-11 completely, so I'm sure he can give some additional information.

This thread should help me out a lot. If any one has any pictures of this disassembly it would really help. Mainly trying to get the end cap off to remove the bolt and gain access to the area behind the magwell
Yep, it was Treadwell. Here's his thread, where he mentions my thread, but I think he disassembled it differently as well (he never removed his rear endcap from what I gather). I guess you'll have to see what the easiest way is to disassemble your E-11, looks like sometimes, they used more glue on certain parts.

Thanks for finding my old thread! I looked for it recently and couldn't find it. I guess the search database needs refreshing.

Two screws inside the receiver hold the magwell on. Once you loosen the bolt as Xhiwar described, these screws are easily accessible through the ejection port. Be careful sliding the bolt around, as those screws will scratch it.
Thanks for everyone who helped me out with this got it apart! It was the pin holding on the cap that was stopping me.
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