MR MIB Neuralizer Broken


Let me start by saying, this is not for sale. I'm looking for some help to fix a small piece inside. the plastic piece that fits inside the groves has worn down over time and no longer operates correctly and gets stuck. Ideally I would like to find someone who can replicate the part in metal.. for a better idea of what I'm talking about i threw together a youtube video. any help would be much appreciated.

Men In Black Master replicas neuralizer Broken - YouTube

Thanks Guys!



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I hope you can fix it, maybe Steve will chime in as I know he could.

Worse case scenario start saving for the new MIIB one comming out

SD Studios

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I have seen the bat signal and have responded! Never fear citizens!!

I will reply to your PM!!!


The plastic slider was made that way because we didn't want a metal part to gall against the inside of the tube and get jammed over time. It also couldn't be electrically conductive AND we needed something that would snap cleanly into the tabs. Thus...PLASTIC.

Replacing it with a custom-made, machined metal part would be rather expensive and would defeat all of the above criteria. Sorry, I don't have a good answer for this problem. Let me look at the one I have here and see if there is anything else that might work.

BTW: The unit was designed to have a one-minute auto-shut-off. So you don't have to remove the battery.

Yours should work the same way. I can't imagine how you could get a unit that DIDN'T have the auto-off. It was programmed onto every chip. You might want to check that.


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I hear you Steve and it does shut off on it's own, however, if memory serves, I believe we established pretty early on that even though it "shuts off", it still drains the battery. I actually had four at one time and tested this theory with all of them. Put in a brand new battery and let it shut down on it's own. 48 hours later (approx.) with no further use, dead battery.
I think we extablished (as the OP stated) that in order to conserve the battery it must be removed when not in use. By doing this, a battery will last me at least a year (if I only 'play' with it, say, six times a year for five minutes each time).


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Yeah, they were packed with a "battery conservation" slip that recommended removing the battery because probably the capacitor sucks up battery (?right?).

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Ive had the exact problem. The answer isn't permanent, but you can readjust and get it to go back down. Basically you have to take it apart and put it all back together realigning the grooves.

It's a pain in the but, and it keeps slipping and sometimes it has taken me two or three tries to get it to work.


thanks I'll keep that in mind. Im going to see if there is an easier fix than replacing it first, but if there isnt one.. that might be my only hope.


hey guys sorry for another bump. it just sitting on display right now but it is definitely no closer to working than before :-(


well, nothing so far, but taking it apart and figuring out what was wrong with it... I guess i could try to use that putty Bondo stuff.. it is a part on the inside.. i guess if i could order a replacement part or something.. i would do that.. but right now:facepalm im afraid to ruin it.


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No way to order a replacement, MR is gone. Might have to DIY. Could you take it apart and show us the part that is messed up?


as promised, here are some close up shots of the part:





the little tabs on the plastic are too warn down to fit into the metal grooves. I think i may have gotten it to fit after playing with it for a bit.. but if i ever want to put a battery in it for a little bit i know its just going to break again... any suggestions?


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That part would cost a few bucks if you had it 3d printed. It looks easy enough to reverse engineer in 3D. Don't suppose you have a set of calipers handy. :love

In any case, have you thought of roughing the tabs up with sand paper and adding some layers of CA to it, then sanding to shape?
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