MR Maul F/X saber announced!


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And did you catch what it says at the bottom?
" Coming soon...
In a galaxy at war there exits one hunter, feared above all othersÂ… "

One would assume they're talking about Boba Fett. With all the problems that have happened with the old helmets, I can't even begine to imagine when the Fett helmet is gonna come out. MR still has to fix all those Vader helmets, and it didn't have a complex paint job, jsut gloss black, so just think of all the problems this one might have.


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Originally posted by Seth B@Feb 17 2006, 01:38 PM
It's the Fett helmet.  Esb, if I'm not mistaken.

they will just drop it down the same flight of stairs they did with the vaders... and voila. instant weathering and battle damage.


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Back to the FX saber, I dont particulary care for the bottom of the "battle Damaged" saber. Maybe with some modification one could eventually get it look closer to what the LE looked like ... right now its just too clean :)