Mr. Krabs' First Dollar from Spongebob Squarepants

Max G

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Definitely not a typical post here, but I thought you guys might dig my latest project: recreating Mr. Krabs' framed and ruined first dollar from the season 3 episode of Spongebob Squarepants, "Wet Painters."


The original from the show:


Check out the build thread here!

Thanks for looking!


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I really like that! Great attention to detail! Any in-progress pics? I'd love to see how you made that frame especially.

It's really funny that you would choose a prop from this episode though since I've actually considered doing props from this episode: Spongebob and Patrick's butts mounted to the wall.

Great work...this may just inspire me to make my butt mounts. haha


Wes R

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Brilliant! I love the frame. Nick, I'd love to see that project. My dad's a Spongebob fan, of all things, and that'd be a good gag gift lol.


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Mr. Krabs "And then did you draw on it with crayon??!"
Patrick "I thought, you know, maybe he'd buy it!"

-B89! ;)
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