Mr. Freeze's "Polar Bear" Bathrobe and Slippers

Shaunn Lawrence

New Member
Much to my surprise? One of my clients had purchased the Body Mold used to make costumes for Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze.

They paid me to make this replica of his "Polar Bear" bathrobe and slippers.

This costume has a 9-Polar Bear patter that repeats itself ALL OVER the costume, with small "Rhinestones" for the eyes...UGH!

I thought that I would NEVER finish this costume! But it did get you can see...but MAN! This costume kicked my ASS! (euphemistically- speaking).

For the "eyes" on the slippers?I had to use some pretty big "Cabachon" rhinestones..(Because faceted stones would have looked lame), and I had to use some "Black Faux Fur" for the Eyelashes.

The Fangs were found at an "Indian Jewelry"/ Civil War shop in Orange County, Calif. It all turned out okay...but WOW! LOts of work! :wacko

What do you guys think?
He was banned for being an outright thief as well as insulting people here that were owed product from years ago.

Stay away from him He is the biggest thief and drama queen out there :unsure
Awww dang that's such a bummer! I want that robe so much and I wouldn't even know where to begin to make it myself! :(
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