Mr. Freeze - First costume!


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Ok, over the years I've noticed that Halloween has been diminishing for a lot of people, at least around north east Ohio. So this year I'm going all out to try an revitalize the holiday for my hometown. Maybe if they see a well done Mr. Freeze costume some people will be inspired to do the same. I've spent a lot of time doing research, and from I've got a few ideas I want to run past the experts. I want to make a more militant looking Mr. Freeze without a lot of cartoony flat panels. As such I'm basing my costume off of the awesome Arkham Asylum art with some ideas taken from other pictures.

Here's what I'm thinking so far:

-The head dome will be a plastic plant cloche, most other costumes I've seen use them and they've worked pretty well
-Of course welder's goggle with red lenses is a must and can't be overlooked
-His belt I wanted some pouches and pockets, so a surplus M1 cartridge belt might be in order
-His gun will just be a modified nerf gun
-will need to get snow boots and maybe some boot spats to cover them
-For his clothes though I'm a little worried, I'm afraid that buying a black or dark grey snow coat/pants will be too bulky and make him look like a puff ball, so I was thinking about getting a motorcycle body armor shirt or football shoulder pads and then covering that with sheet foam to break up the outline. (going from what I've seen on here I've already gone out to Harbor Freight and bought anti-fatigue foam)


that's the back view by the way.....the front looks a lot like football pads

I was also thinking of getting catcher's shin guards instead of the boot spats

Now this is all well and good but any advice would be great....I'd like to save some money but it looks like this is going to be a triple digit costume unless I want it to look like crap.
I think building the upper body part would be better than using a found item. Mainly because the top needs to be way bigger than those two items to accent the rest of the costume. Good luck.
They JUST released the Mr Freeze trailer for Arkham City. Some more ideas in there.

But I do love the Mike Mignolia Mr Freeze look
For the tank I looked around to see about empty fire extinguishers, but decided that messing around with a pressurized tank when I can't be 100% certain nothing bad will happen even if it's empty is a horrible idea. My other ideas are to either find a huge super soaker and take the tank from that or go to Lowes and get PVC piping and a round end cap to use. I'm leaning towards the PVC at this point.

I'm abandoning the the idea for football pads. If I'm going to do a costume I'm going to create at least the chest with my own hands, no cheating. Plus I'll be able to control everything about it, from how the helmet will seal onto it, to the tube lighting I plan on running through the helmet and suit.

I did get several items on my trips out today. My future Freeze gun only cost me $3 and it's perfect.

I also bought these old catcher's shin guards since I want his legs to be armored.

These gloves and the pressure gauge look perfect for what I have planned
Surprisingly the dome was the easy part. A garden cloche, specifically a "Gard'n Large Plant Cloche". I ordered it from amazon and have yet to get it, but some other costumes I saw used them and it seemed to work pretty well. The one I bought only cost me $8.
Wow! thank you, I was about an hour away from ordering one online too. A Battletech fan to boot. Note to self, make an Atlas next year.
Great stuff, I wanted to build one of these myself and looked into the domes and had some trouble. I did get a pair of Red Goggles some time back but put the project on hold. Wanted to have something close to the Animated Series but like the look of this example above. I guess as long as the elements of his costume is there you can pretty much do what ever works best.
Wanna save money on beer while out for Halloween?
Remove the cardboard, strap this to your back as your tank, and hose it up to your gun:cheers

I love this concept work. Wish it made it into the game, but glad to see some one attempting this. I hope this thread hear will help you a bit with the dome,

That's perfect! I should be getting my cloche tomorrow so I can begin work on the helmet seals. Hopefully I can get a hold of Sigma for that belt and I can begin putting together some toggle switches for controlling the lighting.
You might look into Utz pretzel containers. I used two a while back to make a flame thrower back pack. They come in a number of shapes.

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