MR Collectors Society question


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O.k. so I'm looking forward to the coming year & figured I'd jump on the CS bandwagon asap to get my coupons 'n such.

Ordered the package this morning, my account says expected to ship.... in JUNE.

WTF? :confused

Is this normal?

After seeing the paint on the Shocktrooper & Star Corps I've changed my order to plain white, my DV was billed yesterday.

Does this mean I should cancel my white clone until I receive my coupons??

What about my LE coupons & release dates (drooling for the Fett goodies)??

In other words is this frickin' normal - waiting half a year for the current year program??

Unnnghhh..... :(

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Originally posted by TheNuclearHorror@Jan 19 2006, 10:41 AM
The coupons are usable right away, as soon as you pay.
The kit won't ship until June.
Just like last year.


Whew :lol

Ok, I'll call off the dogs, lower the Defcon....

Thanks for clarifying, I was about to get on the blower to MR direct.

Thanks again.


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Since you've already placed your order, just go to your account and log on, it should automatically take you to a Collector's Society 2006 page, listing all of your coupons, etc.


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I think I am going to order the collector's society membership today. I was just wondering if elite's are going to be offerred this year as well. With only $50 off of one LE from MR I don't know if it is a great deal. I may have to revisit some of the product coming out in the Disney and Marvel lines.