MR Clones - All three photo'd together


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jez now you HAVE to get the white one... LOL.

not that you wouldnt anyway. :p

out of curiousity how many helmets do you own bro?

or is it like asking my EX how many guys shes slept with... to many to count? :p

man that was uncalled for and wrong... but true. :lol

seriously though... how many buckets do you have, and is there just a pathway through your house with a wall of SW helmets on either side?

As the white one isnt limited I think I'll pick one up on ebay sometime cheap.

Oldken, as far as "how many" I can honestly say I dont know as I've never counted them but its certainly "too many". I really should trim down my collection and concentrate on the best stuff - I've still got most of the DP helmets (even the cheap ones). I have to admit I'm a bit of a hoarder.

As far as which are my favorites, I'd probably say my 20thC Vader signed (top of mask under dome) by Dave P, Steve the Swede painted Natty Boba, Chromed 3po and SDS Stunt and TIE (the latter sitting on a TE TIE chestbox and armour).

As far as non-SW I've got the licensed T2 & T3 Heads and recently moved into Alien with a Bruce H head and now full size Alien warrior




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I just got an email from MR today saying that my Shock Trooper helmet has shipped today..... And the best part is, I checked the status of the package and its due to be delivered tommorow... I can't wait


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i love these and have ordered my shock trooper helmet back in May 2005 and still have not had any reply from MR on my status

can anyone help please as after seeing jez's helmets i want mine now..... :cry


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hey jez...

you can always sell me your Gino TK since you dont like it. :p

JK not trying to start anything, but yeah if you ever want to get rid of anything TK other than FX... im always here.

id love to see your collection.

especially that boba. :D

have you put any thought into getting an MR clone to accurately weather?

really want to see one.