Mr.Bean 25th anniversary..

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by KrangPrime, Sep 6, 2015.

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    and here I thought this was just going to be some silly social media thing. but, it turned into something awesome. new mr.bean is ALWAYS welcome.
    I'm surprised pee wee herman and mr.bean never did something together. the two characters are kind of close to one another in personality ;o)

    any UK people here lucky enough to see him? if so , I hate you ;o)

    Even though Rowan looks amazing for 60, same as he did at 30.......I can see why he wanted to stop doing Mr.Bean after Holiday. mid range shots, he looks exactly the same. but close ups, you can tell he's aging...and that kind of doesn't work for a character like Mr.Bean, I would think.

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    i loved mr bean!
  3. y3a

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    I loved him in BlackAdder.
  4. Nth

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    When are we going to get a Black Adder anniversary? All the main players are still around.
  5. Axlotl

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    Anyone who has ever watched 2 episodes of Black Adder knows that Rowan Atkinson is a comic genius on par with any of the Pythons.
    So why is the idiotic Mr. Bean so popular, and why is the character such a favorite of Mr. Atkinson?
    No offense meant to any Mr. Bean fans - I love Rowan Atkinson, but I just don't get the appeal of Mr. Bean.
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    I like the animated Mr Bean much more than the live-action one. The live one is a bit of a jerk, which the animated isn't. The animated stories seem also to have got a more developed universe.
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  7. KrangPrime

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    I've never seen a single episode of Black Adder. or that series where he played a police officer either

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