MR AT-AT vs. ILM AT-AT...differences?


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Hey all,

I was wondering what the major differences are between the MR AT-AT and the ILM AT-ATs. I can see some (especially given that no two ILM AT-ATs are exactly the same) but I was wondering if anyone has characterized the differences before in a more detailed way.

I think as it stands, NONE of the detailing, (ie donor parts) are grown and not real kit donors for starters, this is most apparent on the underside of the body, which is a bit of a cop out IMO.
Jason and Steve may know MUCH more on this though bud!

Yeah, it all came out wrong TBH, the parts on the model are i think grown, NOT donor parts lol.
Cant recall why though, was it a licencing issue with the kit manufacturers, who knows.

Nope! It was a case of the Chinese being crazy, and HAND PATTERNING kit parts that MR had SENT!!!

No one had any idea why they decided to remake pieces... but that's what happened, according to what I remember Steve telling me. I'll defer to him of course.
A new AT-AT thread, SWEET! I don't remember all the differences on the top of my head but the MR AT-AT came out during the same period a lot of us was working on the AT-ATRON. I had a lot of cash (not to mention TIME) invested in the AT-ATRON. During pre production the MR piece promised to deliver something incredible, a licensed studio replica made with all the correct donor parts! I was one of the those who quit the AT-ATRON project and jumped right on it... Well, we all know now how good those donor parts were... IMO that was a biggie. The proportions look right to me but the donor parts looks like barf! I also seem to remember that there were some issues with the "Butt" piece. My MR walker are in storage and it was a long time since I saw it but if you want to take a trip down memory lane I suggest this thread! Sadly a lot of pics are gone.:(


My absolute favorite vehicle from ALL the movies. I remember the call from some guy Barry asking about what we knew about the AT-AT. Then MR announced the AT-AT... MR did an awesome job for the average collector. What came of the MR release? Ton's of Reference!!! Myself...John C and Dan Loes have tackled the kit ID's and checked dimentions against the MR release. Its pretty darn close.

We have this box that has been shipped back and forth between John and I for about 6 years.. a box that contains some patterns all the kit parts for the Studio Scale AT-AT... we were on and off on building it..

After watching ESB blu-ray on the 55" a couple weeks ago I talked with John and it was going to be our next project.. all the bells and whistles.. full alluminum armeture as the hero models... following those crazy bastards lead who did the ESB chicken walker! You know who you are!

But trying to get backlog satisified and improve the Hero TIE Fighter we have decided this...

Once we finish the new TIE wing star patterns (Edlund's TIE measurments) and Studio Scale Vader's TIE... we will start a hero AT-AT build thread here....

ILM Studio Scale AT-AT needs to be built with real kit parts! Ive reached out to Mike Salzo also and he has offered help.. Between all of us I think it could turn out pretty amazing.

I do love the AT-AT.... I remember the first time I saw it on screen... Damn thats cool!

If ya want to help and be involved in the build shoot me a pm/email we'll solidify the build group and tackle this beast like gangbusters!

Until then... gotta get backlog destroyed.... i'm back to the shop...

Its one model i kinda pine for now, aint many, but the ATAT is one that would really kick my TESB/Hoth collecting. The ONLY way to do it is a stop mo armature.

Wow Steve, this sounds crazy cool! I sooooo wish I could join in. Sadly all my AT-AT funds are locked in the MR piece. I'm gonna have to settle for a butchered MR, cortected with the proper donors. It'll be a kick ass piece but still light years away from what you're gonna achive! Good luck, I'll follow you guys with envy!

Just spitballing, but, couldnt you guys combine what you have regarding the MR body head blah blah, we all chip in on donors finalise ID and armature, and make it a "group" thing?
As i said, just spitballing, but seems like a good opportunity to reignite the group project studio scale, which (apart from those nutters lol) on the the 5 foot porkburger.......seems to be a thing of the past.

Well like everything... there will have to be two versions... Hero Crazy nutjob version metal ect and then normal mostly resin kit version... As far as donors parts go.. most of that leg work is done so its just a matter of someone taking the visible reference of the armeture and other metal parts and render it into the computer suitable for CNC milling purposes.... so I was thinking M Reis for that part... does any one else know a computer stud if Mike R says no? I know Mike can output files to a machinist for the making of the parts.. The hero version is going to be stupid expensive... however the kit version is going to be reasonalbe.. I'll try to keep it in $750 - $800 range it is through the sale of the kit a majority of the start up and intial cost can be recouped... The key is to get all versions to all that want them.... I'll provide the majority of the kits parts that we already have to John C and he will be pattern maker.. I'll mold and cast the majority of whats needed and produce and distubute the proposed AT-AT kit... Plant on parts for the heros and the entire kit for those that deem the uber metal one is to expensive... I'm sure Salzo can help as well so were covered there...

I'll contact Mike Reis and see what it will cost to have the CAD drawings made... Using the visible reference from a MR ATAT and reference pics I have.

So Ralphee I guess we should start a no shoot AT-AT build thread and try to finish IDing whats left..... I'll get back to you and let you know what Mike R says... were gonna need a damn good machinist... if not CNC ready... Mike R would have to make scaled ortho drawings to be hand milled... not sure the cost difference.....

So when I said we were already looking at this... it was no joke... need to do tons of discussion on the design of the actual stop motion and spring set up for each leg.... how far do we go? We go ILM exact we could be looking 5 to 10 k per AT-AT armeture.... but is there any other way?


Does someone have the ATAT parts layout picture from the chronicals they can up load?
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Steve i hear you on the price if it were to follow the ILM Hero like for like.

The other guys a while looked into it, but it didnt really happen, one thing that was the killer, the working thigh pistons, they would really add tons to armature cost, so intricate, Swiss watch like.

I still think a thread needs to be started here in time, and, just brain farting....why not, instead of resin, offer an acrylic stop mo armature, with the ATAT's design, it would work better than say, an ATST, and, be more affordable to many, probably including me.

This way, its the same model, the builder will be doing the same process, just with a cheaper armature alternative, but again, brain farting, but i think its a good idea.

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