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A new build that I have been working on is the MPC Speeder Bike. I have reseached the internet on this kit and picked it up on ebay for $8.00. Made in 1983 it was so cool and it sort of took me back to when I saw "Return of the Jedi" as a kid.
Deciding on a color scheme for this kit was great some people have come up with really creative color's for both scout and bike. I want to get another one eventually just to change it up. I am new to model building but after getting started a few months ago I am constantly buying and building. I researched the color's for this kit and found a great green/grey and painted over with a rust brown. I have been trying to think outside of the box a little, inspiration from this site. So I found a case that was for a external hard drive and thought it would make a nice seat cover.
I have a lot of clean up and work and can't wait to continue this weekend.
Thanks for looking next project is going to be a FM 1/48 x-wing fighter.

If you are new to model's or an old vet please post pictures of your work and some detail of the build..



Here is some pic's





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Thanks, I may try and build a gun for the scout I have bought some styrene and have prcticed working with it a bit.. I have never scratched out anything before and I am amazed to what people are able to build. I may alter the scout to hold the gun or just focus on making it clean as possible I am new.. If any one has a reference to a scratch building site or book I really would like to learn to make or change for example a coockpit. I search on line and all I come up with as it takes imagination, vast materials, and time but never really get examples of the process or thought behind it.

Thanks for any feed back!
After thinking about some of my last statements I don't want to throw out a broad question that can be wrapped up bassically as it, "depends". To be more specific like working with styrene is putty and super glue and sand paper the best method or getting a finished result? Does anyone have any tutorials on scratch a small scratch build using styrene? To take a model and be able to make and create changes as needed is something I really want to practice and learn to do..

Again thanks!!
Here's mine I did 15 years ago. there's so much more I would have done better with the experience I have now and of course the refferences.



  • MPC speederbike  (6).JPG
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Wow, that's what i'm talkin' about! Yoiur speeder is excellent, but your Scout is fantastic! The black lines, the correct soles, everything, and, have you done something to the head, besides turning it?

Wow, that's what i'm talkin' about! Yoiur speeder is excellent, but your Scout is fantastic! The black lines, the correct soles, everything, and, have you done something to the head, besides turning it?


Thanks for the nice words Rich

Yes major mods to the helmet, reshaped visor, added more forehead, cut the face plate section off to make it look two piece that could open, did the side air intake openings, redid the whole nose setion details, modified some armor parts, detailed top of back pack ect...

Hey that looks great GF! What kind of material did you add to get more forehead! I worked on the bike over the weekend and ready to start working on the scout. I guess beyond model putty I am new to this and unsure of other material to use.. thanks for all the comments ans help.
I used Tamiya model putty for the forehead and reshape and fill in some armor areas. for the nose I just added little piece of styrene cut into to shape to fit perfect inside and did the mic tip by slicing a little piece of styrene tube. I will take better detailed photos and post them.

Hey that would be great, tonight I used the dremel and cut the poor scout's head off.. When you are new to this as I am that's a big decision to make after working on the bike for like over a week.. I need to find the right part for the neck I picked up a dial rod that is to big. Also looking at an image thinned out the nose area and sanded.. I can't wait to see more pic's I was almost going to go for a green scout but after seeing your pic's decided to keep this one traditional!!
Thanks agian.
GF thanks again for all the pic's, I took some more pictures of my progress and I have got a coat of white primer on the scout. I also tinned out the mouth piece and other edges and with all the cracks pretty much field in I have been doing a lot of sanding. Question for you guy's what is the best putty I am using Squad white and I am a little unsure.. new I was not sure what to buy.. Anoter question and this is an important that's ind of funny to me that I am thinking of it now. The scout gloss white or ust a flat white.. Thanks for all feed back, just got a FM x-wng in the mail today, so excited to start!!!
Here are some more pics of what I am doing the primer is drying I will wait for a response before applying paint.. if not tonight, Friday.. bike build/10.jpg bike build/11.jpg bike build/13.jpg bike build/12.jpg
I see you put putty around the neck, on mine I glued a tube to make the neck inside helmet that goes inside neck opening on the body without gluing it, I can actually rotate and tilt the head. I also sanded down the raised elbow details and made accurate ones with styrene plastic, these are the black "T" shape details as seen on photo#7 counting from left to right, I also filled in all the bad details with putty on the rear of helmet and applied decals.

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Thanks GF again! Yes I did glue the head and will really just have it one position. What type of white paint is recommended a flat white or more of a gloss white. I have both and after priming last night I found more flaws and added more putty. I will sand again now and begin to paint.
I plan to change the back pack I found a good image, and install the front mouth piece as you did with styrene.
I found another one of these kits on ebay and could not pass it up for like $8.00. Next time more draub grey bike and a green and grey scout.

When I work with putty it seems to crack and not really form as part of the model any help. I am using squad white is this the wrong stuff???:unsure

I used semi gloss white, first a coat of krylon white primer then krylon semi gloss white.

Over the past weekend I made an attempt to do some painting but noticed that my airbrush was shooting a bit over water out. My shop one of the room's in the basement of my home. I guess moisture is a problem so I ordered a filter that I will connect to the hose on top of the filter I have..
I did some touch up painting on the bike tonight here are some pic's, another one of these kits came in the mail yesterday sealed ad the origanal price tag on of $8.00, and ad a mark down sticker of $2.00 purcased from JCPenny...
This is my third model I ave ever built and really enjoyed every second of it.. great hobby if you visit this site and think about getting into model buiding you can't go wrong in picking up this kit on ebay for like $8.00 it has taught me a lot and I can't wait to build the new one.. and paint a grey and green scout.




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