Mpc snowspeeder: replacement resin pilots


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Hey guys

does anyone happen to know if there is anyone out there that makes replacement resin pilots for the mpc snowspeeder? I found a pair last year on eBay but I can no longer find the seller. Sod's law, now that I'm wanting them I can't find them anywhere!


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Not a bad price, considering I don't think anyone else makes them.
Amputee pilots as to be expected as in that scale they would not fit into the cockpit.



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Here's my feeble attempt at working with what I had. I had this shelved for quite a while. It turned out to be a lot more work than I anticipated, particularly reworking the cockpit. The last time I took it off the shelf to finish the cockpit panels I realized how bad my eyes have gotten. I need to get a magnifying work lamp to finish this. I was pretty satisfied with how my pilots came out in the details but ultimately they are still way too small. I think that is part of why I haven't completed this project. After the FM and now the Bandai releases, I wonder if I ever will. BUT seeing these fairly inexpensive resin pilots I may pick up a pair. The details look a little dull but the fit looks right.
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It's kind of like the laws of science and engineering in reverse. In the real world, and even sort of in the sci-fi world, you consider the natural shape of the human body and build around that. But the snowspeeder doesn't follow that model. A human being simply can't fit into the speeder as it is designed and scaled. So the options are to make the figures smaller (ahem, cough, cough, Bandai, couch) or distort the shape of the human body to make it fit in the cockpit. Or leave off parts of the rump and the legs to make it fit. And if you scale the pilots right AND make them complete AND they fit, it's time to start checking the shape of the speeder for accuracy. They took the option of distorting the shape of the figures. Whatever.

BTW, of the original models, that's one of my favorite MPC/Ertl kits. Very recently (last time I looked) they could be had for $10 or so, and if I didn't already have a bunch, I'd be buying a bunch. And I would build most of them parked so I don't need figures.
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I got in a pair of these. My opinion: There's a reason why the pics are so blurry in the listing. I'm not very impressed. Definitely better than what came with the models. But now I'm inspired to get back to my own sculpts.
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