MPC Millennium falcon

Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by clactonite, Nov 12, 2011.

  1. clactonite

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    This is an MPC falcon build that I did whilst the Fine Molds offering was unavailable. The Blue Moon upgrade set was used along with some other modifications. It is by no means accurate but slightly better than it was,

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  2. steveo3002

    steveo3002 Well-Known Member

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    looks great
  3. Scratchy

    Scratchy Well-Known Member

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    Nice work. I've only seen small sections of a stock MPC looks like, your build is certainly a big improvement.
  4. TallDarkandDisfigured

    TallDarkandDisfigured Sr Member

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    Looks great! I've got one of these coming sometime soon, and if I can do half that good of a job I'd be VERY happy.
  5. ozzyguanche

    ozzyguanche Sr Member

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    Nice paint work and weathering. I can see the areas you have detailed as well.

    Just goes to show that paintwork is as much an important part of the art as the building itself.

    Great work.


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