MPC Millenium Falcon


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I'm making this for a friend's son. This is the old MPC kit. No modifications or lighting etc. just straight out of the box.

Thanks for looking.








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Great paint job !! I have one of these kits about half way through it looks like you have the colouring spot on what did you use.


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Great work.
The old MPC kit has it's shortcomings but I love the leaner and balanced look without the extra landing gear boxes on the bottom in front.


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That looks great! I actually started one this past weekend... it was part of my wife's collection that she was thinning out. It was unassembled, but someone had started painting parts of it before she acquired it... IN PASTELS! I'm not kidding, the bottom was painted light yellow and pink. It looked like the Easter Bunny's freighter! Needless to say it doesn't look like that any more. It doesn't look as good as yours, but I'm happy with mine considering I don't really consider myself a model builder. Still paint work to do....


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Great job! the kit i received was in bad shape all the hull was twisted but have managed to over come this with a bit of heat and a little brute force. i will post some pics when i get chance i have scrached a new cockpit interior and new rear engine grill i am not going for perfection but a little better than the original kit.
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