MPC ETRL Millenium falcon detail kit ... interest thread

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Id be interested in a detailing kit. I have an MPC falcon thats been sitting around for years because I couldnt get a falcon accurizing kit.


Jedi Dade

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Well - its really slow mainly because I'm currently trying to find a decent job while doing odd jobs to pay the bills while perform PT and doctors visits to bring my rteconstructed knee to where I can live with it. Basically all of my projects have been swallowed up in the big black whole that is the real world, due to lack of free cash and time. I hate it when the real world intrudes on my hobbies! But rest assured I plan on completeing it. I've also considered enlisting a well respected modeler to complete it for me. We'll see how it goes but it will happen eventually. I'm sorry if I've raised expectaions beyond my ability to deliver.

Jedi Dade


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Hi Dade---

Hope things are going well for you. I'm not in a big hurry for a detail kit, but sure would love to help keep this project alive and see it to the end some day. Any updates?


Jedi Dade

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Well as luck would have it I just recently got a new job (starting Monday mornning). After I pay some bills and recharge the bank account a bit this thing will be going ahead. I still need get a hold of my buddy who will be doing the casting etc. to make sure he still has time and everything, but I am now confident that things will be moving shortly. Beleive me when I tell you nobody is more happy about getting this rolling again more then me
... it means I have a little bit of free money instead of living off of savings. Thanks to all of you for staying interested!

Jedi Dade


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Any news on this kit, or did I miss the post somewhere? Just curious, thanks.

I found a great local hobby shop in my new town and they are the great mom and pop shop with everything from R/C stuff to every modelling thing under the sun. Its the kind of shop where the old-timers sit in there with there samdwiches and drinks and shoot the breeze and talk shop and probably are some of the best underknow modelers/builders in the world kinda place.

They happen to have a MPC Falcon for $29.99, is that a good price or too much?

Also, they have the AMT ERTL Slave 1 for $14.99, same question.

I am asking the pro's as I am new to this type of modeling, thanks guys.


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I have been looking for an MPC upgrade kit for a loooong time, but this looks like a reallllly old thread :confused


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I suspect Dade dropped the project due to the wonderful MPC upgrade kit put out by Fine Molds, it replaces the upper and lower hulls, engine bays, cockpit, rear engine deck, landing gear........pretty much replaces everything on the MPC kit. Wonderful upgrade, now it's finally accurate.

Just kidding. :D