MPC ERTL 1/72 Millennium Falcon Landing Ramp Kit?


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HI, I'm just getting back into modeling and going to be building the 1989 Mpc ERTL 1/72 empire strikes back millennium falcon..... I have found lots of kits to make this a really nice build but the one thing left for me to find is a kit or info on anyone who came up with a fix for the landing looks really week....and even the Fine molds falcon is really not that close to the look of the real ramp....any one have any info,tips,kits,,,anything will help right now :confused

Well, we probably aren't sure what is being asked exactly. Technically, all the Falcon kits out there are scaled with their ramps based on features found on the studio models (mainly so the details blend in properly when the ramp is closed). As such, an open ramp tends to be secondary.

If you are looking for a ramp like the set piece, I don't believe ANY modeler (with the possible exception of a Japanese modeler or two) has done one since all the "full size" Falcon sets that have been constructed for SW are undersized relative to what they should be in the first place (and minor detail features on the rest of the set piece tend to be different as well). As such, many modelers whom I have seen do Falcon model based dioramas with the ramp open just leave it as is and consider the studio model style features to be more accurate than the set pieces.

As such, you are kind of on your own in regards to ramp modifications. Plus, when done you aren't going to see all that much of the ramp anyway as it is somewhat hidden and shaded when on display (unless lights are placed down there). As such, anyone who is going to look at the ramp has to bend down to its level. As for a creative way to hide any flaws at the top of the ramp, just put a figure or two on it to act as a sight blocker and the eyes will be attracted to the figure, not the ramp.

You can spend a crapload of time on the ramp, but it is a minor thing relative to the rest of the mods needed to bring an MPC Falcon up to snuff.
Re: MPC ERTL 1/72 Millennium Falcon Landing Ramp Kit? ( Ramp Down )

OK I see what y'all are saying here.....I am looking to display it open...and could do a scratchbuild on it. I was just asking to see if any one may have done a very detailed open ramp on a mpc ertl/MF When this is done it will be displayed in a way where it will be very easy to see the ramp and the small details on it.... Was really hoping that there was a kit that was made that had a ramp that was close to the real thing....but the fine molds one is the nicest model of the MF I have seen and even that is pretty far

So scratch build it is..:unsure
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