Movies that Suck Except for a Couple of Great Scenes

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by Richard Baker, Dec 21, 2018.

  1. Richard Baker

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    I admit I tend to reach for the fast forward when things drag or I find frustrating/stupid. It is a fantastic experience to watch a film and enjoy every moment in it- 'Back to the Future Part One' and the original Star Wars (ANH) are like that.
    There are many movies though which are horrible to watch in their entirety but have a couple of kick * scenes which are worth watching over and over again. Here is the start of my short list of some notable films which suck except for a few golden moments-

    Sucker Punch
    A dark and uncomfortable story interspaced with great battle scenes- hot chicks fighting *-Zombies to rock music for one. The scattered fight scenes are the only parts of the movie I watch and I try to forget the rest of it.

    A rescue ship is called to an Ice Mine orbiting a blue giant star with is about to explode. The film tries to be a a horror movie but you get the feeling you have seen it all before. Best scenes are when the ship FTL jumps into an asteroid field (one of the best space jump effects ever) and is severly damaged, and at the end with an objust containing nine-dimentional matter comes into contact with an exploding supernova, creating a cascading destruction starting with local star systems and spreads though the galaxy. There is a alternate version of this last one on the DVD which is even better.

    The Black Hole
    This movie is slow and ponderous, visually rich but boring. When the Cygnus starts moving into the black hole's event horizon it gets pretty good (except for the last three minutes, which is a cliche cop out)

    Star Trek- The Motion Picture
    Aside from the Klingon sequence and the fan-lovefest Drydock scene this film, while well made, it is just unexciting and awkward. For a cast which had so many great TV moments most of the performances seem to just be read from a script.

    Star Trek- Nemesis
    Fantastic space battle, with ships sweeping around and firing, parts exploding off and ramming head on. I can watch that part over and over, the rest, not so much

    Judge Dredd (1995)
    Wonderful city fly through scene at the beginning which is reprised with a chase scene later. The world they created is far more interesting that the people and what they do in it. A fan edit removing
    Rob Schneider would help IMO

    Close Encounters of the Third kind
    A well made film but I skip ahead to any of the scenes involving UFOs. Roy Neary has a lousy family and I dislike watching him fall apart trying to resolve the alien implanted messages.

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  2. Laspector

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    If you don't like CE3K there is something seriously wrong with you.
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  3. Richard Baker

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    As I mentioned above, it is a well made film. I just do not care for the family stuff and Roy falling apart.
    I jump to the UFO scenes and I can watch those all day.
    There is a difference between films you can watch and enjoy every moment of and films where you reach for the remote to get to the spots you like.
  4. Scarecrow Joe

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    Dude...CEOT3K is a great movie.....through out its entirety. Come on.
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  5. masterjedi322

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    The Matrix Reloaded

    Fight scenes were pretty epic.

    The rest of the movie...meh.

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  6. ALLEY


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    Batman V Superman...

    That “Martha!” scene is comedy gold.

    Whenever I’m down, I cue up that movie and go right to that scene for a knee-slapping giggle.
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  7. Treadwell

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    Yes on Sucker Punch. Great action but the rest of it is humans being terrible to each other. Not fun.
  8. robn1

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    I agree on CE3K. Roy's wife is an uncaring bitch, more concerned with appearances than with what was troubling her husband.
  9. Analyzer

    Analyzer Well-Known Member

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    Attack of The Clones

    I love the whole Battle of Geonosis sequence when the Republic Gunships attack, the rest of the movie though...

    Likewise, Return of the Jedi. Fast forward through all except the space battle scenes

    While I liked Rogue One, I love watching this cut of the space/aerial battle scenes only.
  10. Robert McLain

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    Steve McQueen's Bullitt. Pretty boring(to me) except the EPIC chase scene.

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  11. Galactican

    Galactican Well-Known Member

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    The landscapes, set design and photography are fantastic. The run from the storm is a real nail-biter. The actions of the so-called scientists - not so much.
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  12. Funky

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    Superman 2...the Richard Lester version, not the re-done entirely Dick Donner version.
    Though a terrible movie, Lester added a scene that was always to me, anyway, the best part of the movie: when Superman has been missing and the 3 villains are taking over, Superman suddenly appears outside the window of the Daily Planet standing on a flagpole with his arms crossed with the incredibly hero line:" General, would you care to step outside?"
    Great line. Oh, don't get me wrong. The entirely Donner version is far superior but Lester gets the win for the single best line.
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  13. joberg

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    I would shorten the beginning of 2001 A Space Odyssey...there's a few minutes to cut involving the apes; besides that: perfect:cool::cool::cool::cool:
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  14. Rolax

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    -Krull (another peter yates movie)
    The scene of the spider
    -Singing in the rain (not a bad movie I just didnt like it)
    At the beginning when Don is talking about his life before becoming a big movie star. Gene Kelly singing in the rain and the good morning dance sequence
  15. Treadwell

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    Batman 89. GORGEOUS production design, and Elfman's killer theme (the score overall less so). But the rest...
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  16. dascoyne

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  17. CT1138

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    It's A Wonderful Life. Don't get me wrong, I love this movie, and can appreciate the whole thing now that I'm older, but I really have to admit there's really only two parts to the movie that really interest me: George Bailey flirting with Mary (Charleston contest & Lasso the moon) and George finding out what life would be like without him (saving Clarence from the river to the end). The rest of the movie is really not that interesting or memorable.
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  18. CessnaDriver

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    "I need my pain" scene in Star Trek V.
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  19. ALLEY


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    Thou hast foresaken the Holy tale of George Bailey!!”

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  20. batmann539

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    Game of Death mainly because Bruce Lee died during the filming and his genius for filming the finale first which is the only good part of the movie.

    Iron Eagle is not an enjoyable movie but I do like the final jet attack sequence.

    Ninja 3 The Domination, the movie is not that enjoyable but I enjoy the last fight scene.

    The Hunted the fight scene on the train was awesome.

  21. Scarecrow Joe

    Scarecrow Joe Sr Member

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    Pearl Harbor (2001).....the scene of the attack is awesome, the rest of the movie that is basically a cheap soap opera, not.
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  22. CessnaDriver

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    Laser scene in Congo was cool.
  23. AJTaliesen

    AJTaliesen Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    I think the one scene everyone knows "mad as he'll" is one of the great scenes in movie history. The rest of the movie feels like a punishment for enjoying that one scene too much.
  24. StevenBills

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    Crystal Skull had a lot of potential. A few cool scenes sprinkled throughout, but otherwise just mush.

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  25. Richard Baker

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    'The Crystal Skull' to me seemed to be a number of 'cool scenes' somebody came up with and the movie was an afterthought to string them together. The ending also seemed to be tacked on, like "we finally get to the end of this epic search, now how can we find an end to it?" I always had a bit of a problem with the aliens gathering artifacts for so long and then destroying them all when they left- what was the purpose in the first place?
  26. Strikerkc

    Strikerkc Well-Known Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Cause Aladdin and The Mummy did it, so it must be a good idea to include in your plot, right?

    Maybe just just out of spite towards the character of Indiana Jones, because every other Indiana Jones movie ultimately ends with Jones having found a great treasure or wondrous thing, but having to give it up because of [insert reason]?

    Uhg, that movie belongs over in the "bad casting thread" for at least an honorable mention on account of Shia LaBeouf... though, it may be less the actor, and more the inclusion of the character at all... :unsure:
  27. Darth Lars

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    I believe that is literally how George Lucas works. How he wrote Star Wars and the previous Indiana Jones movies too.
  28. Richard Baker

    Richard Baker Sr Member

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    'American Graffiti' seems that way too...
  29. GirlyGothicGeek

    GirlyGothicGeek Member

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    I kind of feel like the Scott Pilgrim movie is entirely composed of great scenes, yet stays as an "eh" movie overall. I can't think of any particular scene that I dislike (and I enjoyed many scenes), but something about how those scenes fit together just didn't sit right.
  30. Clutch

    Clutch Master Member

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    The encounter at the end is icing on the cake.
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  31. The Searcher

    The Searcher Well-Known Member

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    I absolutley love the rock climbing scene and the motorbike scene at the end of Mission Impossible II, but if you want my thoughts on the rest of the movie, I’d prefer not to discuss. Who knows what kind of movie it would have been if over an hour hadn’t been cut out by the studio.
  32. CT1138

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    Solo: the Mimban scenes were great but the rest of that movie... :sick:
  33. Henkka

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    In Death Proof the first car crash was clever (nova vs civic).

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