Movies that actually shaped your future?

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by DeLucks Designs, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. DeLucks Designs

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    Anyone else ever had a movie actually shape their future? For me, I had a few big ones:

    1) Animal House - I knew i'd be going to college after seeing it

    2) Star wars - got me into space, technology, science, etc... and ended up getting my engineering degree

    3) Slap shot - Started playing ice hockey in elementary school and played through college

    Anyone else?
  2. James Kenobi 1138

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    Star Wars. Obi-Wan was (and still is) the role model that shaped my personality as a kid.
  3. Larry Young

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    RAIDERS. A guy who can learn as much as he can while kissing girls and making quips. Too busy to shave, too tired to stop. Why'd it have to be snakes?

    FLETCH. GHOSTBUSTERS. You can complete a task and right a few wrongs, and you can still be funny, even if not a lot of people get it. And that doesn't matter, because you do, which is what's important. And maybe a few other cool cats. And that's all that matters.
  4. SSgt Burton

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    Pumping Iron.

    It was my biggest inspiration to start bodybuilding and enter two competitions. I was the fat kid is high-school. I completely turned my life around.

  5. cayman shen

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    I have had many books and movies that have helped shape my personality, but it would be hard to pinpoint anything specific. Usually I get briefly inspired (Into the Wild, Ikiru) then the emotion fades. If that emotion leaves a mark, and I make life decisions based on it, mapping that process would be beyond me.

    I will say that when the SW DVDs came out, I was so * I thought "I'll just make my own super-awesome sci-fi story that I can geek out over!!!" That would have changed my life for sure. But sure is harder than it looks :lol Hats off to you, George ;)
  6. Goonie

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    The Goonies
    Short Circuit

    Ok, both movies were filmed in Astoria. But it was inventing stuff, robotics, electronics, that made me go to school and get a diploma in Electronics Engineering Technology. I still haven't been able to get a hold of a trench coat like Data's though.:cool
  7. jedichase

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    Well seeing that I'm only 17. My life hasn't had enough time for films to affect it much. But.

    Star Wars- It made me a geek, prop lover, costumer, collector, and has inspired me to get into film.

    Toy Story- It combined my artistic abilities with my love for films, to inspire me to become an animator as a career goal.

    Raiders of the Lost Ark- It created in me a love for the past and history. It made me pick up a whip and learn a skill that is quickly dying. With this skill (whip cracking) I was able to do multiple performances that put me on radio, and in newspapers.

    Ace Ventura- Made me a comedian, and a lover of all things funny.
  8. darthgordon

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    Well... Psycho always taught me to always lock the door when I'm in the shower.
  9. cayman shen

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    Sure, but I can still see you through the vent.
  10. wannab

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    Movies, not that I can think of other than to briefly inspire. TV, a bit, yes.

    A few that have given me a nudge or two...

    Bugs Bunny - sardonic humor
    Leave it to Beaver, Andy Griffith Show - fatherly ideals
    Star Trek - imagination
    How the Grinch Stole Christmas - redemption

    Now, how these shaped my future I couldn't specify, but in shaping who I am you get the gist.

  11. Scapey

    Scapey Sr Member

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    Made a lot of very good friends through shared fandom of that film, especially in the last 5 years. :)

    Bad Taste - Made me realise that special effects didn't NEED a big studio to create.
    Home-made can look just as good.
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    Made me move to LA after college.
  13. firesprite

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    Wow, where to begin... I can't think of any direct influences like SSgtBurton or the OP, but there are definitely influences that have shaped my interests.

    • Indiana Jones is a huge one because it sparked a love of history and learning, as well as Ancient Egypt (looking back, I think that the Well of Souls was a HUGE influence considering I was only about 5 when I saw it in theaters).
    • The X-men taught me that doing the right thing isn't always easy... they were hated and feared by the people they sought to protect, but they kept on fighting the good fight. Also, later on, I understood that the most interesting villains rarely thing of themselves that way.
    • Star Wars and Buck Rogers showed me that girls can be both tough and feminine at the same time.
    I'm sure there are more, but those are the ones that I can think of just off the top of my head.
  14. darthgordon

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    Now if we were to talk about television... Star Trek (the various series and movies) definitely shaped who I am today in many, many ways. But while it gave me a lot of different interests, the thing I took from it the most was my morality (because I can guarantee that I didn't take most of it from my parents).

    I think what Star Wars gave me was more of a fascination with spirituality… the possibilities of what lay beyond known science… and the battle between good and evil.

    And the Exorcist taught me that a little girl’s head can turn around a 180 degrees without breaking.
  15. kalkamel

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    A Few Good Men. After that movie, I knew I wanted to be a lawyer.
  16. nickytea

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    Too many to list definitively. Off the top:

    Mary Poppins. Visual metaphor. Broken family, broken kite. Fix family, fix kite.
    Chaplin's The Kid. Timeless pathos. A father's love. A son's outreached hand.
    The Dark Knight. Structural precision. Narrative balance. Order and chaos.
    Ghostbusters. Ensemble arcs. Comedic archetypes. Conceptual authenticity.
    The Matrix Trilogy. Thematic depth. Choice and choicelessness. Free Will and Fate, reconciled.
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  17. Guy Cowen

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    Star Wars Trilogy

    Sold all my SW toys at 13 and bought a Guitar, Now Guitars pay for my Star Wars Toys and SW things pay for Guitars.
  18. PHArchivist

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    James Bond has helped me rationalize that having indiscriminate unprotected sex with mulitple random girls, drinking gallons of hard alcohol, and driving my car like a frickin' maniac will keep me young, healthy, and popular for years to come...
  19. Contec

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    and somehow over the years you change appearances.
  20. OldKen

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    I was going to say Star Wars.

    But after a quick life evaluation...

    Let's see...

    I drink too much.

    Woke up in a girls bed that I prob shouldn't have. (May God strike me down if I'm lying but she randomly called me 007)

    Drive a car beyond my means with a 6 liter V8 and is about 1 1/2" off the ground. (OK so Bond would never drive a Vette... I'm american! :angel )

    To top it off I wear a Rolex.

    I'm 34. Have no "real" job and hang out with celebrities and rock stars...

    So I'm gonna say... BOND! :cool
  21. PHArchivist

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    Well, there you go! :thumbsup
  22. ONEYE

    ONEYE Sr Member

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    Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison

    [​IMG] Sands of Iwo Jima

    [​IMG] The D.I.

    I saw these movies as a kid in the 60s. I joined the USMC in 1978, stayed for 23 years. My knees/feet made me retire. I still miss it!
  23. Laspector

    Laspector Sr Member

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    Of course, STAR WARS. Nothing has ever had as big an influence on me as that movie. Totally changed my life.
  24. raziel79f

    raziel79f New Member

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    Star trek for my sense of duty and for wanting to better myself.

    The Crow just because of the killer soundtrack and the main reason why i have long hair

    Thers probably a billion more......
  25. Steamboat Spidey

    Steamboat Spidey Active Member

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    Back to the Future

    It inspired me to make a time machine out of a car.
  26. Stockers

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    Love this thread.

    Back to the future; taught me the power of love.

    Oh and more seriously Star Wars 4-6, All the Star Trek movies; fueled my imagination and optimism and gave me a faith in science and the pursuit of knowledge.

    I'm currently in my third year of seven studying medicine. One day we won't have to say goodbye to those we love.
  27. Nexus6

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    Star Wars: ANH - I vividly remember standing in line for an hour, staring, mesmerized, at the poster for this film. I was 8 years old, & that movie was THE most amazing thing I'd ever seen.

    Blade Runner - This movie counted as the first time I'd ever had my "mind blown" by a movie. At the time, it had an almost totally unique look/feel; there were no other films like it (which doesn't much happen anymore). I've seen it so many times, that I cannot imagine [my] life without it.

    For both of these movies, I associate a line of dialogue from the film: "Fallen":

    "There are moments which mark your life. Moments when you realize that nothing will ever be the same; & TIME - - - is DIVIDED - - - into two parts: 'before this' & 'after this'..."
  28. SSGT Kitten

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    Hunt for Red October.

    Yes, I joined the Navy because of that movie.

  29. ONEYE

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    SSGT Kitten - PO1 Kitten ? ;)
  30. Son of Skywalker

    Son of Skywalker Well-Known Member

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    It didn't start my love of sci-fi, but it did take it to a whole new level. It started my love and appreciation of props and collecting. It changed who I mainly hung out with among my friends and even who I dated. Also part of the reason I stayed in college.
  31. Risu

    Risu Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Pretty much everything I watched before the age of 5 shaped who I am.

    Star Wars, Indy, and the Goonies were the big ones.
  32. GDafi

    GDafi Sr Member

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    The Forbidden Planet, it opened my eyes to what could be done on the big screen, and while dated is still worth a watch.
    First saw it in the 60's and it left a BIG impression, which has lasted 40+ years
  33. Mullreel

    Mullreel Well-Known Member

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    I would have to say Star Wars as well. It really sets up good and evil in way that I could understand as a kid and even now today.

    Cool Hand Luke always made me think deeply about what it means to be yourself and never give up.
  34. Bradleyfett

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    The short film my friend made for a college class- helping him with it is how I met my wife!!

  35. Sluis Van Shipyards

    Sluis Van Shipyards Master Member

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    I guess I could say part of my interest in scale modeling is from Star Wars, but I'm going to say Carrie Fisher is partly why I like good looking brunette girls. I've probably dated more of them than models I've actually completed. :lol
  36. Zombie_61

    Zombie_61 Master Member

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    The Big Lebowski. Because it...uhhh...y'know...I mean, it was really...uhhh...what were we talking about?

    But seriously...
    I'd have to go with this as well. Actually, for me it began five years earlier when the pilot movie for Kung Fu first aired on television in 1972. It made me realize there was more true wisdom available than the narrow-minded religious dogma that had been forced down my throat while I was growing up.
  37. Nexus6

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    "Yeah, well - - - y'know, that's just, like - - - uhh - - - your OPINION, man..."
  38. Jet Beetle

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    Not sure about "shaped" but I related to this film as a kid soooo much and when I watched it later as an adult found the character and I were alike in many ways. The World According to Garp.
    My wife hasn't bitten someone's hi-ho off in a Buick -- but there's still plenty of time.

    Pete's Dragon and Godzilla made me want to make movies and Def Leppard's Photograph video put me in long hair and singing in a rock band from age 16 till 20.
  39. LMFAOSchwarz

    LMFAOSchwarz Sr Member

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    I too would have to go with the original Star Wars. Being "the" creative one in school, it gave me the opportunity to earn my first money on my own by scratch building model tie fighters and x-wing fighters! I'd also read and re-read the comic book adaptation of the movie, and this in turn led to me refining my artistic skills and eventually landing a short career in comic books. This firmly brandished me for decades as the creative go-to guy for all sorts of interesting and odd projects. Not all of that has turned out positively, but influence is influence!:unsure

    I know a guy who still has his scratch-built tie fighter from school. I'll have to hunt him down and get pics of it: it may be one of the first ones of its kind ever made, now that I think about it! Probably looks like crap!:lol
  40. aeonpulse

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    The Thing. Taught me that no one is to be trusted.

    Blade Runner. Taught me that smoke, rain, and neon makes everything way cooler.

    Cowboy Bebop (anime series, not a movie, but I'm counting it). Sparked my interest in jazz music, martial arts, and staying in shape.
  41. NAZGÛL

    NAZGÛL Sr Member

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    Watching the Star Wars OT as a kid made a huge impact on my aesthetics and that still follows me. Costumes and model designs just blew me away, and still does.
  42. Ozymandius

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    Jimmy Stewart in 'Harvey'.

    "Years ago my mother said to me, 'In this world, Elwood, you must be oh so smart or oh so pleasant.' For years I was smart. I recommend pleasant."

    That movie got me through 10 years of PTSD therapy. No lie.
  43. x_zan_x

    x_zan_x New Member

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    Star Wars
    The Warriors
    The Jerk
    Top Secret!
  44. captain avenger

    captain avenger Active Member

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    even though I'm just 15 and a little too young to be saying this, the back to the future's are possibly the most influential. they gave me my love for sitting for long hours and thinking about quantum physics. also, it made me want to be a concept artist for movies( a goal not too far away from my other aspiration, to be a graphic novelist). I'm working toward that now, starting with building my own prop replica's. also, the sheer amount of quotables in those movies dominates the atmosphere when I go over to my friend's house.
  45. Zombie_61

    Zombie_61 Master Member

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    I think mindset is more important than age. The fact that you came away from the Back to the Future movies with something far more than "they were entertaining" says something about your character. Back in the 60s Star Trek was supposed to be an entertainment series, but I've read countless stories about people whose careers in aerospace, engineering, computer science, communications, and so on, were influenced by watching that show when they were young. Besides, as Kirk said in Star Trek III, "Young minds, fresh ideas."
  46. ScottyWhite

    ScottyWhite New Member

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    I guess I'll start with saying The Empire Strikes Back (was a wee one when Star Wars first come out) and that made me want t be an astronaut until I learned that they don't carry lasers and fight aliens, so I decided I'd go into making movies and writing stories. Then I can do that stuff.

    But films that help shaped my creativity:
    Lawrence of Arabia
    Dawn of the Dead
    Prince of Darkness
  47. infymys

    infymys Sr Member

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    Enter The Dragon: I was only 2 years old when it was first released but my parents took me to rescreening when I was 6. For the next 20 years, I took various martial art disciplines (Judo, Arnis and Choy Li Fut) because I wanted to be the next Bruce Lee. While I am no longer practicing, the mental and physical and spiritual discipline that was instilled in me by my masters has been a major part of my daily life to this day.

    Slap Shot: Growing up in Vancouver, Canada, hockey is religion. This movie just pushed me to wanting to play the sport in an organized setting instead of on the street. I was a decent enough player to make it to the BCJHL. But once again, like in martial arts, my coaches taught me lessons in mental and physical toughness which I apply to my daily life.
  48. Lorum Ipsum

    Lorum Ipsum New Member

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    I became a journalist after watching Fletch for the first time when I was about 12. I've been a reporter now for over 16 years and I couldn't ever do anything else.
  49. Norse Iron Man

    Norse Iron Man Active Member

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    One of the most notible were the Bill and Ted films. They helped me to gain an appreciation for the positive impact music can have on people, and the influence in culture.

    Also they were one of my first introductions to classic rock. \m/

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  50. AdamNightmare

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    I can't really recall any specific movies that shaped my path as a kid, though there were plenty that I loved. There were two that stand out to me as movies that shaped the kind of person I want to be as an adult:



    I used to be a fairly high-strung cat, with a lot of anger and stress issues that impacted my relationships and overall life happiness factor. Both of these films serve as inspiration for me to relax, take things in stride, and ride the waves as they come.

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