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    Can anyone help me, I am looking for a movie title that I have seen before. The movie start with a girl walking in to a diner with a hooded jacket to hide her face as she has an acid burn all down one side of it. It then goes on to show what a group of high school jocks and their girlfriends have done to a group of high school geeks. The geeks then hatch a plan to torture and kill the high school jocks at a frat party planned in a cabin in the forest. They first drug their drinks with some kind of sleeping aid. After they awake the geeks are in a kind of fancy dress and masks. They then start forcing the jocks to inflicked pain on each other as to get back at them for they have put them through all through high school........ PLEASE HELP ME.
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    Oh * I think it's the the Final :confused B-movie heaven....:lol
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    “” “’burn “ ( burn):)
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