Movie prop restoration Evil Dead (2013) necronomicon book

ctulu etsy

This is a replica of the movie "Evil Dead" (2013) that I have decided to make after careful consideration. I have watched multiple scenes from the movie in order to do so. Ultimately, I have decided to create a book with the highest degree of fidelity to the original.


First, I located the pages of the book from "Evil Dead" (2013) and coffee-stained them to achieve an antique effect. For authenticity, I have redrawn every page of the book. Each page is unique.

I used genuine cowhide for the cover because I wanted my creation to be unique and stand out. For the cover, I drew inspiration from the style of the medieval era. The final effect after binding is stunning, and I think it's a really cool combination



After completing a series of tasks, I wanted to achieve the effect of the movie. Even the smallest details had to be done perfectly. For packaging, I used the scheme from the movie and found some steel wire to bind the book, making it even more realistic. Of course, to ensure the safety of those who love it, I included a pair of faux scratched gloves with each book, to be used when opening it. I'm not sure how many people will appreciate this design, but I can guarantee that it is the coolest and most authentic prop you have ever seen.

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