Movie poster trends

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by, Nov 5, 2011.

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  2. DuneMuadDib

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    Hmm, they did black and orange, but not light blue and orange? God, that one is getting annoying.
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  4. Larry Young

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    Did you click the link?

    "Black/Orange is the other blue/orange of the action movie when the action movie isn't using blue/orange."
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    Did anyone notice how many black/orange posters had Nic Cage? :D

  6. sycor

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    I think Nic Cage should do a movie named Black Orange. :thumbsup
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  8. CessnaDriver

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    I wonder if foriegn posters of American films are different these days?
    I don't collect anymore but years ago foreign posters were a goldmine for different styles and artwork if you don't mind the poster not being in english.
  9. Wes R

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    i miss the old school painted movie posters like for Bladerunner and older films. In some cases they were better than the movies.
  10. Jet Beetle

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    So do I -- i saw a Green Lantern teaser poster in Japan and all it had on it was the ring and below it in Japanese text was the Oath written in green fire - it was beautiful.

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