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    Hello Everyone,
    I am pretty new to this site and I'm really interested is purchasing a leather jacket that looks like the Chris Evans wears as Steve Rogers in the new Avengers movie. I came across a website that sells replicas but I haven't had any experience with the company and can not find any reviews of the product. Has anyone on here ever purchased from If so, have you been happy with your purchase?

    Thanks for any help

  2. Apollo

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    Stay away from them.

    A lot of the pics they post are of other peoples jackets. :unsure

    Go to and register.

    All the info you need
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    But what is wrong with posting pics of movie jackets from films? Have people had bad dealings with them? If so please elaborate as I was thinking of ordering the Max Payne/Mark Wahlberg jacket.
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    Go back and re-read my post and use the link.

    If you are comfortable buying from someone who posts pics of OTHER peoples jackets as their own then anything i say to you will fall on deaf ears

  5. Dave Ward

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    I don't know the vendor, but I'm assuming from this thread that when you see a picture of a product (as opposed to a movie still) it's the photo of another companies jacket. Always the sign of a low-end company.

    Also, cheaply made leather jackets rarely look cool. ;-)
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