Movie Deadpool costume!!


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Sooo I'm sure you've all seen this by now.

About the sexiest thing I've ever seen in my life.

I'm at this moment dedicating myself and my time to making this beautiful piece of art. The current problem I'm having is finding the right materials right now, So I decided spandex was the way to go. and then this happened.

So now it's looking a lot more leathery, I found some leathery black spandex that I'm ordering a swatch of to so see how it looks. The red however, I'm not having much luck finding something that doesn't look like its out of a fetish film. Not to mention all the other stuff at play here. Another area of concern for me was the mask, I need to make or have made a shell form fitted to my face. And find some way of whiting out the eyes but still being able to see out of it fairly easily, (I really don't want to use mesh) I want to be as close to the movie as humanly possible so if someone has ideas or insight I'm all ears.
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My plan is Matt leather spandex ( you see it in fetish stuff you just need to keep searching for the right one) and a dye sub base using foam to emboss the armour into the leather it is going to be making winded project good luck :)


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[Update] Thanks for the posts guys, last night I did place an order for some samples from spandex world. I might order a few more of the red leather but if you watch the video or look at the pics it seems strange. In some area's it looks leathery and in others it looks more spandexish, I'm wondering if they used a combination... Hard to tell hopefully as I start to build the rough patterns of the suit more/better images will be released. Thanks for the help guys.


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I am not sure how they are going to handle the face, considering the numerous facial expressions Deadpool has all from within the mask. For all we know, it could be a digital mask created with motion capture technology.

But for the sake of brainstorming: you could check out TJack's universal face shell. I've seen it used for a number of costumes outside of the Spider-man universe.

As for whiting out the eyes, I recommend perforated vinyl. This is the stuff that they use to advertise on the sides of buses and cover the windows. From outside, someone sees a picture, but from within the bus, the little holes allow for some pretty good visibility. I use it on my Red Hood helmet and it is great. Generally though, it can only be purchased in bulk, so you are better off contacting someone like TJack and seeing if you can purchase a small amount from him.


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Thanks for your post vox. The more i look at the mask the more i wonder if its a spandex covered form fitting helmet. It holds it's shape a little to well for me to think its just a spandex mask so ill probably do some experimenting with that. As for the face i pretty much figure there isnt anything out there short of maybe silicone? That will flex with my face for facial expression. I'll get a hold of Tjack I've done some business with him before on an earlier deadpool build. The perforated vinyl sounds perfect ill look into that as well. Now i just need some cardboard boxes, trash bags, duct tape, hot glue and time and i can start drafting.


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The pattern in the fabric makes me think it might be neoprene. Probably pretty hot, but just sayin'.


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[Update] Got my spandex samples in, what do you guys think looks the closest? My wife thinks the Red and black stretch leather is the best but personally I think it's a little thin. The black on the bottom left and the middle top red are heavy weight almost neoprene thick spandex which I think might look a little better. What do you guys think? Obviously the thick stuff is gonna be a lot warmer but if it looks better its worth it right?
20150409_185514.jpg 20150409_185531.jpg


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So I'm trying to get a better picture because that bottom one is really really dark like its Maroon not red at all. the lighting is really back in this room here's a better look at the thick ones. It still looks rather pink but I promise it looks really good...
20150409_191723.jpg 20150409_191731.jpg


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So I gotta question, I like the two materials I've chosen but I think they need a little more glossy a look to them, Does any one know of some kind of gloss spray that wont stiffen the material but will make it catch the light a little bit better?


Snakepit Studios is making a new Deadpool movie suit. They say it will have 18 3d printed rubber components
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