Mounting Spidey mask to faceshell?

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by Madmartigan, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Madmartigan

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    Any tips here? I have a Spidey4fun mask that I'd like to mount onto my AZSpidey shell. I've tried simply wearing it over the faceshell with nothing adhering it and also using double sided tape to try and hold it in place. In both cases, it moves out of place over time and looks wonky.

    Can it be glued down without the lycra looking awful afterwards? Is it about trimming the eyes on the faceshell to "hug" the lens frames and not using an adhesive?

    Help?? :cry
  2. GF

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    You need to buy a foam head or even better a mannequin head bust, put the AZ face shell and slide over the mask, add foam inside face shell forehead and nose to add more volume between face shell and head if required so fabric fits tighter, here's my full size display with a AZ face shell.

    check this place out, great selection and service. index.html

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  3. pandatrooper

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    Yep. you need a mannequin head for display or working on it for sizing, etc. You can also apply some Mcnett Seam Grip to the cheeks and forehead of the face shell, let it dry and it will have some "grip" to hold the lycra in place. This will prevent it from shifting. But as Gino mentioned, make sure you have enough volume to hold the mask tight first.

    Here's my Spidey4fun with my custom frames on a mannequin head.

  4. endo500

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    Thanks for asking this question and the replies. I think it makes sense but i will definitely need all the pieces first so I can try it.
  5. spidey4fun

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    This might work. Get some small earth magnets and glue them to the inside of the eye frames inside the mask. In the top corner of the frames. Workout where it needs to sit on the faceshell and do the same thing to the shell. Might work....
  6. Madmartigan

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    Thanks, Gino and Panda -- never thought of that. I have a full sized mannequin from Roxy for my Fett and TK when I display them, so I can plop it on there and see about fitting it properly.

    Thanks again!


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