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I'm building a Winston (Explorer Skin) for SDCC and BlizzCon. So far, it's coming out as planned... But I'm not confident on the best way to connect the arms to the upper torso. I welcome any suggestions and advice.
It's a two-piece outfit. One of my biggest concerns is when it's time to use the bathroom...which I did not consider when planning this out.
Option 1: I'm considering attaching them to the upper torso then making the arms detachable. They can be removed, then take off the torso, then jump out of the lower body. A lot longer process.
Option 2: Affix the arms to the upper torso via straps. I need the movement, but need them to stay on place . The problem is that I have to raise my hands over my head and try to slip out over my head. Hard to do when this costume may be 6'4"...and my daughter/handler is 4'10".
Option 3: strap the arms to each other and wear them as a third piece. With thick flex strapping, I can probably get enough tension to keep them fixed in place.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance for any help.


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No love? Well...I went ahead with option 3.
The best part is the shoulder flex out a bit, allowing me to draw my arm in and take off this piece without any help. I can't get it back on by myself, but I will worry about that after having to use the restroom
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Hello; you could create a costume with a vertical opening (front or back) and use Velcro to keep it closed; the arms would be joined to the main body. It would be like having a shirt.
just an idea


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Thanks. In order to get the rounded and really large shape, there's tubing frame that runs ruins the bottom of this upper torso. I thought I could do that...but only make a partial opening and slip out of the top.
But I recently resized the shoulder area, making it narrower, too let the shoulder be really big. It made the whole frame come in and now my shoulders are too wide to get out of the the top or back. Over the head is my only option.
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