MOTU She-ra costume

Wes R

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Looks pretty good so far. Oddly enough I barely remembered She-Ra other than a movie where you found out she and He-man were related and the really bad xmas special over the weekend lol. Can't wait to see how it turns out. The sword looks good so far too and that is probably the hardest part to do.


lol. yeah I am a female fan :)

well, the headpiece is something I am thinking about most of the time while I am working on the costume. I have a few good ideas.


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Yay! So glad to see another She Ra costume (I was popooed for wanting to do this as part of a group costume ;) ) and also so very glad to see you are doing the skirt as a shaped piece.


Looking good so far, one day I will finish my She Ra I only got as far as the head piece and the sword template before it got shelved for other projects lol! . I used plastic foamboard for it and was going to use elastic around the back to hold it on my head, heres the pics of it (but I will be re-painting it as the gold I used was wrong) :)




Bizarro Lois

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Good start. I like that you're using a corset for the top. Are you going to make the gold details at the top of the corset?
@aradia - That looks like a good way to start the headpiece. I hope you'll someday work on it again and post more pics. Maybe it will at least help Darkbeauty with hers.
A cosplay friend of mine did a really nice She Ra costume. If you want, I'll send you links to hers. Maybe it will give you some ideas.

cayman shen

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Oh HELL yeah. Are you gonna go with the classic Filmation look? (I mean as opposed to say the Four Horsemen's 2003 figure or whatever.) Can't wait to see more!


@ aradia - the head piece looks great for the first try.

@ Bizarro - sure send me the link of your friends she-ra costume. No, I dont want to make the gold flower at the corsett. I am thinking about to at the flower to a several piece of faux leather. I want to cover the front of the corsett. I am not happy with the idea that you can see where to open the corsett.

@ caymen - No not really. I like the filmation look but its a bit too simple. she is a warrior and in my mind she is a kind of valkyrie. so I will bring these two ideas together.

I added a few new pics of the costume.
Ckued some gems at the belt and the choker.
My idea of the winked head piece is 3D model as you can see. I just created a pattern for it and that is just the first try to see if it works.


@ Darkbeauty and Bizarro Lois thanks I was pleased with how it turned out for my first attempt :) And I love your head piece!

@ Bizarro Lois thats a great link your friend did a great job there :D

@ Labrynth a she ra group would be awesome!!! all the costumes were great from she ra :)
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