Motor City Comic Con....


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I hate the location of this con. It is too small for the amount of people that come to it. I went for a couple years and it was so congested each year. Everyone looks to be dry humping the other person just to gain a inch to step forward.

Now I did hear that they finally fix / remolded the building and floor area. So that should give everyone some room to breath. Yet I wouldn’t count on it.

I was there 2 years ago it was I believe it was. Anyway i had early access from a buddy that worked there. I hang out with Kelly LeBrock for about 30 mins. She was so bored and no one was talking with her. She was very nice and started the conversation while I was just standing there waiting for a few people to show up. My buddy was having too much fun with Anthony Michel hall over nachos. He is a Cool cat too.

Anyway if you go enjoy the con. I rather see them move it to the Cobo center once the remodeling is done there.

The Guest list is pretty good too. Billie Piper & John Cleese would my top 2 people to see. Oh I can’t forget Jesse Spano & zac Morris lol