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I am looking to find a motion tracker kit or something like it. I would even settle for instructions and a part list. Ideally I want to make it a working tracker. I am horrible at fabrication so building one out of wood like the a recent post I saw is out of the question. If anyone has any ideas please help me.
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yes I meant Aliens, sorry for not being specific enough my bad:facepalm. Wow, thats a ton of stuff I'm sure I'm gonna have a hell of a time trying to find. What model is the Hama Slide Viewer, or compatible model. Actually are there compatible parts for any of it. I can't believe no one makes a kit for this prop. With Hyperdyne making the guts you would think someone would make it.
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The problem may be two fold - the original parts are dang near impossible to find, and the official MR replica, is pretty accurate.

When MR got the license to make the official replica, like most items, it killed the secondary replica market. Plus, if you waited long enough, you could the ofiicial one, for next to nothing. I think I got mine a year or two after it was available and paid less than $100, shipped (some inventory blow-out sale).

I've had most of the original parts on my ebay watch list. I can't say more than one or two parts has ever come up. And when they do, the prices get ridiculous.

I would say your best bet is to find an MR tracker and see if the hyperdyne kit would work inside it.



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Wow, thats a ton of stuff I'm sure I'm gonna have a hell of a time trying to find.
I lucked out, finding most of the parts I needed within a couple of months... it was the drill casing and the pump widget that prooved super elusive... but I managed to snatch up both eventually, the resin pump widget cropped up on eBay a month or so back. Now I have all the gear (although the Olympus graphic is not the correct model).

It's just a case of keeping an eye on eBay and a bit of luck.