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I just don't have the room for this anymore and haven't gotten the use out of it that I had hoped. For reference, I'm 5'10 and 165lbs with an athletic build and am about 6'1 in the costume with lifts.

Outer Robe, Hood and Midcoat: These were made from a custom pattern I did and are all pretty accurate. Outer robe is Luke’s V1 fabric coated in Dawn’s mix with a back zipper. The hood is also coated but oversized with the correct shape. So this is easily corrected. Midcoat is a really great lightweight fabric. I believe it’s wool but not 100%.

Sleeves: These are uncoated and not entirely accurate but get the job done. Have a full zipper on the sleeve and just attached to a t-shirt. The length of them is 27 in and 9 in at the wrist.

Belt: I wish I could remember the maker of this but I know it’s genuine leather and about 36in. For reference, I have a 32 in waist and with the layers I have (missing the tunic) it fight just a tad loose.

Helmet: So this is my pride and joy. A BB Props v3 finished by Artisan FX in their super limited run. I lined the helmet so it’s fully wearable. The only thing is the mouthplate is not attached (no damage just fell off from moving it from place to place). It can be reattached super easily I just haven’t done it because I feel like shipping would be easier with it separate (if you really want I can reattach it prior to you getting it). I never wore this with the costume and like I said, it’s incredible.

Fabric: So you probably noticed there’s no scarf, I also have 4.5 meters of Luke’s V1 fabric uncoated that I’ll include. More than enough to make a new hood and scarf.

I would like to keep this as a set to ensure it goes to a good home. I’ve worn it 3 times and I just don’t have the room and I would love for someone to get some great use out of it.


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