MOST brittle resin?


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Hey guys! I'm working on casting some breakaway miniatures, so I'm looking for a specially brittle resin. I was thinking just raw polyester fiberglassing resin, but I know it shrinks a lot.

Am I safe in assuming that the harder the resin, the more brittle it will also be? So some of the mineral filled ones will be better for this?



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My only problem with it is the high cost. It only comes in gallons for $200 and I really only need like a pint. I'd never use it all before the shelf life....unless anyone wants in on a run of small clear brittle cars ;)

I bought some fiberglass resin today so I might as well give it a shot. My other idea is plaster backed with aluminum foil tape.


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I was going to suggest the same thing as SWGeek. Maybe you should try calling smooth-on and see if they will sell you a smaller quantity. I've found them very helpful when I explain my needs to them.


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I think the fiberglass resin is going to be too hard (physically.) So I have an Ultracal one curing, and after that will try just regular ol' quick cast resin.

Otherwise I'll definitely see if I can buy a small quantity of the Smash plastic.

I also made a timelapse of me making the mold!

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